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Bridal portraits are always a joy to shoot. As a wedding photographer, It is such a pleasure to make happy brides feel like royalty. At the bridal photoshoot in the Commodore Perry Estates, it was an effortless scene of beauty and elegance. Under the Italian Renaissance-inspired hand-painted art on the ceiling in this chic wedding venue, the bride looked like a radiant queen. Looking at her walking down the stately stairway with the sun glowing on her chic pearl white wedding dress, you could imagine her modeling the world’s most beautiful wedding dresses. You could just as easily imagine her as a queen on her way down the dramatic stairway of her well-painted castle.

Every corner of the Commodore Perry Estates was a wedding photographer's dream come true. The couple and I were especially enchanted by this dramatic staircase. I loved the way that the curved railing accentuated the gorgeous lines and draping of the bride's wedding gown. The well-appointed estate was a perfect match for the glamorous bride.

During every bridal photo pose on her wedding day photo shoot, I simply could not get over how naturally and easily the bride posed. Just look at this shot to see what I mean. She simply drops her beautiful bouquet down to her hip and gazes out the window like she taking a pause to relax in her own home. She is so comfortable posing in front of the camera in her stunning gown that you would think you think she is wearing haute couture and lounging in a mansion any given day of the week.

And this is what bridal photo shoots are all about! While you might not feel like a queen every day as a wife, mom, boss, housecleaner, and chef, you can shine like the star you are on your big day.

Location: 4100 Red River St, Austin, TX 78751.

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