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Crooked Willow Farm Wedding Photos Denver Photographers

There is no denying that kids make weddings livelier and more fun. Their presence add life and excitement to the occasion because they are naturally happy and playful.

These days, not only kids are valuable additions to a celebration of love. Even dogs are invited in some weddings and they are dressed in cute outfit as well.

This behind-the-scenes wedding image that was captured by a Colorado wedding photographer is truly an attractive one. It shows the important elements of this destination wedding - the venue, the groom, the kids, and the furry guests. You can assume from the image that the venue for this big day is filled with lush green elements of nature as well as colorful and vibrant flowers. In fact these elements are the background for the image.

The groom here who carries a cute baby is also holding the leash of two dogs who are obviously wedding guests too. You can tell that from the sunflower necklace of the brown pooch in the photo. She plays with another smaller dog who looks unwilling to play at all.

Nevertheless, this image shows a one of those happy moments before the wedding because the groom and the little boy behind him seem to enjoy the whole scene.

Location: 10554 S Perry Park Rd Larkspur, Colorado.

Keywords: Crooked Willow Farms (4), pets (6).

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