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As a wedding photographer, I absolutely adore doing engagement photos. They are so different from wedding photo shoots. There is magic in the air as the newly engaged couple comes to me to immortalize this special moment in their life. They are setting off on a path toward a new life together and they are always overjoyed.

For many people, engagement photo shoots are their first time in front of a professional photographer since their school days (and they are definitely not looking to recreate those awkward school pics!). Couples are often a bit nervous and have the same list of questions. How can I create a natural-looking couple’s photo? How can we get a cool engagement pic that really represents us as a couple? They are always so relieved when we find a couple’s photography style that suits that perfectly.

I always remind couples that wedding photography is not one size fits all --- and you don’t need to go for a style that you’re not comfortable with! If you don’t want to stare forward into the camera with matching sweaters on, go a different route.

This fun engagement photo shoot with "The Birdman" was definitely one of my all-time favorites. The carefree couple wanted to have a fun couple’s shot that matched their carefree spirits. They fell head over heels in love with the idea of doing a road trip inspired engagement shot. After all, what better represents the journey they were about to set off on?

Behind the wheel of a cherry red convertible, the groom slicked back his hair and put her arm around his girl as he drove them off into the journey of a lifetime. As the striking redheaded bride leaned into to kiss her future husband, I knew we had the perfect shot. Can’t you just imagine them growing old together and looking back at this free-spirited engagement pic?

Location: Larkspur, Colorado.

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