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Denver wedding photographer at Biltmore Four Seasons

Nothing short of genuine and passionate love is emphasized in this photo where the bride and groom kiss each other intimately as if no one is watching.

We don’t know what the wedding photographer told them exactly, but this picture of the couple is just so raw and sincere, without a trace of awkwardness or pretension. It’s just pure love and passion. What makes this wedding picture even more easy on the eyes is the fresh nature surrounding the couple.

You can see the beautiful interplay of colors between the vibrant green leaves as well as the refreshing pink and red tones of the flowers on the side. These elements of the photo perfectly frame the bride and groom who wear a purely white wedding dress and a muted elegant gray suit respectively.

The two rise above all the other elements in the image. The way they hug each other shows their chemistry and how they complement each other. The bouquet of flowers held by the bride on one hand is another precious addition to an already lovely image.

It’s surely a plus if you pick one of the nature-filled Colorado wedding venues for your big day. With a touch of nature in an image that shows genuine love, it won’t be hard to create a picture-perfect scene like this.

The story of the couple and their wedding day ... Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? I do! Here's one reason why: About seven years ago I met a fabulous brunette (Shauna) in some random airport (we can't really remember which one) as I was coming home from an amazing photography workshop in Bend, OR. I had been inspired that week to find renewed creativity through setting up photo shoots with models, just to "play." It turned out that she was seated next to me on the plane and we immediately started talking. We were like long lost friends talking and laughing all the way home as we found that we actually had a lot in common. Among which, we had both lived in Santa Barbara (she for longer than me), and that while I was going to the Brooks Institute of Photography, she was modeling for some of the students there at the same time. By the time the flight landed in Denver we had exchanged numbers and were already talking about doing some shoots together just for fun....which we did. The photos were gorgeous and I used them in my portfolio for years. I always remembered her fondly, though we did not stay in touch.

Fast forward to about 8 or 9 months ago. Shauna was engaged and shopping for wedding dresses at the Little White Dress Shop where she saw my name on the preferred photographer list there and remembered me! We set up a meeting where I was able to meet her gorgeous and incredibly sweet fiancé, David. We had the same instantaneous connection that we did seven years ago and they immediately signed a contract with me for their destination wedding on Friday, Sept. 13, 2013 (for good luck!) in Santa Barbara at The Four Seasons Resort, Biltmore Hotel.

It was so special being back in the place that fired my artistic passions in the first place-Santa Barbara! It felt like my career had finally come full circle. I remember being on the same beach in front of the Biltmore when I was first getting started as a wedding photographer dreaming about "some day" photographing an amazing wedding there. I guess dreams do come true... We had an fantastic engagement shoot on the beach right before the wedding rehearsal. Then it was on to the Santa Barbara Yacht Club (a restaurant Shauna had worked at for four years while she was in school and always dreamed of having her wedding at) for the rehearsal dinner; a delicious Mexican buffet, complete with churros. Yum!

The wedding day was a dream come true with absolutely perfect weather and two of the most gorgeous subjects my lens has ever laid it's glass on: Shauna and David! Their energy was contagious and everyone had the most amazing time together. From the model couple, to the gorgeous wedding party, to the delicious CA light, to the intimate and sweet ceremony, to the vintage romantic dinner set up family style, to the belly dancer, to the rocking DJ... it was one of the most fantastic wedding days I have ever been lucky enough to be a part of. I had a blast getting to know their family and friends and by the end of the weekend, I knew I would stay fast friends with Shauna and David, except this time, for life!

Major props to Lindsey Hartsough, the executive Event Producer at Magnolia Event Design & co-maid of Honor to Shauna, for planning a flawless and gorgeous wedding while also being in it. I hope that I am able to work with you and your team again in the future. You are amazing!

To Shuana and David, I wish you a lifetime of spontaneous dance parties in your living room; all the happiness in the world; and the same kind of friendship, adventure, trust and inspiration that you have for each other today multiplied by each and every day of your lives together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in a wedding I will never, ever, ever, forget... for as long as I live.

Please hit up my blog if you'd like to see more amazing pictures from this bride and groom's special day.

Location: 1260 Channel Drive Santa Barbara, California.

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