Denver Wedding Photographer Captures Epic Cake Cutting
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Denver Wedding Photographer Captures Epic Cake Cutting

Denver Wedding Reception Photos

So many of my favorite wedding photos tend to be from the reception. I just love seeing the bride and groom celebrating with their families. The nerves of walking down the aisle are a distant memory and it is easy to get fun and unique wedding photos when the couple is relaxed.

This cute couple had their wedding reception at the JW Marriott Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado and it was a blast. The groom was a true knight in shining armor --- and even had a sword at his side! Easily one of the best reception photos from their wedding album, this shot of them cutting the cake is priceless.

In a picture-perfect setting, with the gorgeous bride in a classic alabaster-white lace sleeved wedding dress and the groom in a chic black and white tux, their beautiful flower arrangements offset the elegant style of the wedding cake. In what could have been your standard almost too perfect wedding reception photo shoot, this adorable pair added a fun and unconventional element to their wedding shoot.

Couples often ask me how to get those funny wedding shots that actually show their personalities. The true answer is that it is all about having a good time with it. As much as you might want to plan every single element of your wedding and get carried away in creating that perfect wedding backdrop that you saw in a bridal mag or website, the best wedding snapshots tend to come naturally. From candid shots of friends and family to silly shots that you just don’t expect, it is all about letting loose and having fun with your wedding pics. Whether it is cutting your wedding cake with a sword or letting your wedding photographer do some wedding photojournalism style shots, it is ultimately all about having fun and letting your wedding pics capture that joy.

Location: 150 Clayton Ln, Denver, CO 80206.

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