Denver Wedding Photographer Captures Groomsmen
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Denver Wedding Photographer Captures Groomsmen

While making guys pose on camera, it’s very important that they feel relaxed and comfortable. It is very easy to spot in a photo when a guy feels awkward and uncomfortable because he really looks stiff. It takes an experienced wedding photographer to make a guy look good and natural in wedding pictures.

That is why we salute the artist behind this image. She was able to capture a great picture like this where the guys look so happy and natural, talking to each other. They even laugh together without a hint of awkwardness or pretension. It does not seem like they’re just posing for a shot at all.

We could only imagine how hard it is for a stranger like the wedding photographer to ask a group of men to pose for a shot. How would you position each of these guys? How will you talk to them so they wouldn’t look stiff on the photo? All of these things, you have to keep in mind to capture a shot such as this.

It’s not as simple as it looks, but this black and white photo of the guys laughing in front of the camera required some hard work from a professional photographer. And yes, she was successful in capturing a wonderful image.

The couple and wedding day story ... When Allison embarked on a college road trip with Devin and his friends to California, little did she know she was about to fall in love with her future husband. Thanks to a fateful missed exit, a resulting Wyoming blizzard and hours of chatting in the backseat, these lovebirds started dating within a few months and never looked back.

Allison and Devin don't need much to be smiling cheek to cheek, having fun and being themselves, and I love how they poured their laid back, fun-loving personalities into every detail of this wedding. Just take their rehearsal dinner: a BBQ picnic in Wash Park with beer, bags and bocce. Amazing.

Desiring an intimate wedding in the city, Grant Humphreys Mansion was an ideal match for these Colorado natives. Plus, the downstairs ballroom certainly met their dance party expectations. They complemented the venue with an array of neutral colors and vintage accents (shutters for escort cards, vintage picture frames and signs) and a vibe that was elegant, comfortable and happy. And how amazing were those bridesmaids' shoes? Just perfect pops of color.

One of my favorite details of the reception was the ice cream bar honoring Allison's late Grandma Dorothy, who at the age of 14, started her own ice cream soda bar and ran the business for over 50 years. So, Devin re-created the sign that hung outside the store and guests were invited to scoop, sprinkle and top away.

Can't say enough about how much I love this unique and hilarious couple. It was my utmost pleasure to capture their special day. Hats off to Ann and Cortney of Cloud 9 Weddings & Papers for their immaculate work and amazing planning, and a huge shout out to the following vendors:

Epicurean Catering (dining)
The Perfect Petal (floral)
Erin Ferris Designs (hair)
Carissa Passerella (makeup)

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Location: 770 Pennsylvania St Denver, Colorado.

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