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Wedding Ideas for Dog Lovers

Who says only our two-legged friends and family are important? For the perfect wedding album, you have got to feature the entire family! As all of the best wedding photographers in Colorado know, you’ve got to capture all of the VIPs in wedding photography, however big or small they may be.

One of my favorite wedding photography trends (and wedding trends in general) is having the family dog involved. No matter how formal your wedding is, there is always room for the little four legged guy or girl who stole your heart. Snapping shots of the good boy or girl on your big day is the perfect way to capture unique wedding photos.

Of course, some of the more formal downtown Denver wedding venues aren’t always dog-friendly and some wallflower pups might prefer to blend into the background as wedding guests rather than actually walking down the aisle themselves. That is where you’ve got to pull out the creative wedding photography tricks.

Whether it is indoor wedding photos or outdoor wedding photography, there are always ways to feature dogs in weddings, whether they are part of the wedding party or not. At this private ranch in Pine, Colorado, this cute pup was there to show support to his master and new step-master. As relaxed as anyone ever could be at a wedding, this cutie chilled out on his bed while the wedding party laughed, cried, and danced around him.

Whether it is a hamster, cat, or you’ve got to pack up your fish bowl, as a wedding photographer, I would highly recommend getting those creative wedding photos of your pet. Some of the best wedding pic ideas actually turn out to be informal shots of those special guests.

Location: Pine, Colorado.

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