Denver Wedding Photographer at Columbine Country Club
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Denver Wedding Photographer at Columbine Country Club

Each of us is a child to a father. Most of us remember him as the first man who showed us appreciation and pure love. He’s our hero. He would do everything to provide for us. He would hide his pains and discouragements to show us that we can count on him all the time. He would fight a war to protect us. And to him, we are his purpose - the reason why he has to get up every morning and work hard day and night.

Only a father can understand what goes on in a father’s head but we can assume from this photo taken by a Colorado wedding photographer that this dad here has mixed emotions as he walks with his daughter on her big day.

Although this could be the happiest day in his daughter’s life, this father here just cannot hold his tears back as he takes the bride to the love of her life. He could feel a lot of emotions - happiness because someone will vow to love his daughter for the rest of their lives, sad that she has to leave their family home to start an independent life with her husband, and maybe a bit anxious knowing that married life is not all rainbows and butterflies.

Location: 17 Fairway Lane Littleton, Colorado.

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