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Denver Wedding Photographer Four Seasons Hotel

Just when you think all beautiful moments in weddings happen during the ceremony and reception, some images tell a behind the scene story. This photo showing the bride and her bridesmaids sitting in front of their dresses, looking at each other, chatting and laughing, is enough proof that memorable moments happen even before the ceremony begins.

All wedding photographers must be quick and creative to capture light moments like this when the bride and her bridesmaids are just spending some time with each other right before one of them says her I do. They’re just chatting happily with each other as girlfriends ordinarily do. This image is made even more appealing by its black and white facade and the placement of the girls right in front of their gorgeous gowns.

The laughter of one of these girls makes the picture look even more genuine and fascinating. The bride will surely be happy looking at this image over and over as it reminds her of the last few hours before she enters married life. We may not know what they are talking about, but from their faces, we know that it’s something fun and exciting. It’s a moment during her wedding day that is truly worth remembering.

Location: 1111 14th Street Denver, Colorado.

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