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Denver Wedding Photographer at Holy Ghost Church

We all love little kids who wear adult clothing during weddings. They look so adorable in their customized suits and dresses that make them look like little men and women. These kids obviously do not understand everything that’s going on during weddings that’s why they often look bored and they cannot hide it.

Just look at this cute little boy in the photo. The Colorado wedding photographer behind this image was quick to spot this attention-grabbing image of the child who seems to do his best in order to behave while the ceremony goes on.

Three bridesmaids are sitting beside him in this picture with one of them placing her hand near the little boy as if guarding him so he won’t make a scene while the wedding is ongoing. The boy, however, cannot hide his boredom as he looks away. A lot of things might be going on in his mind, such as questions about why he has to be there or when this whole thing will end.

One thing is for sure though, his attention is far from what’s happening around him and he does not seem to enjoy any of this. You can’t blame the child though, for a wedding is just too serious for any kid to comprehend.

The wedding day and couple ... June 20th, 2015- St. Francis Cabrini & Columbine Country Club

When I was editing this wedding, one of the things that stuck me most was the number of photos that had these intensely knowing "looks" between the major players of the wedding day. Sometimes the eyes speaker louder than any verbal language. Looking back on these gorgeous wedding pictures with one of the most darling couples I have ever had the pleasure of spending a wedding day with, I am reminded of the power of a photograph.

I'm a sucker for the little things! Brooke and Kyle had so many fabulous details throughout their wedding day. From the mini-champagne bottles and other fizzie drinks that served as the place-cards for all the guests, to the specialty cocktails, to the amazing small-plates menu, to the cotton-candy ,and the desert bar, to the cake forks...

The couple wanted a whimsical yet classy, garden party feel to their wedding day and given that Kyle loves golf and Brooke is obsessed with Kate Spade, the Columbine Country Club in Littleton, Colorado provided the perfect venue. The had a traditional catholic ceremony at St. Francis Cabrini, also in Littleton. I also loved spending time with the bride and groom and their entire wedding party on golf carts driving around the course for photo ops during cocktail hour too! It's wonderful to have lots of time to dedicate to photos! Thank you Brooke and Kyle for working that into your day! I wish you all the best that this life has to offer. You are one of the most beautifully strong, graceful, and impressive couples I have be fortunate enough to work with in 10 years. And your families are amazing.! You have so many people that love you both... now including me.

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Location: 1900 California Street Denver, Colorado.

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