Denver Wedding Photographer Shoots Destination Wedding
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Denver Wedding Photographer Shoots Destination Wedding

The bride in her gown is one of the favorite scenes in a wedding. In fact, wedding photographers know that it’s mandatory to capture astonishing images of the bride that stand out from all the rest. They can use these pictures as marketing materials to showcase their skills as artists. For this reason, brides should look their best in those pictures.

Aside from the look of the bride and her pose, the photographer also needs to creatively harmonize all the elements in that image so nothing will look off and out of place. A winning background will help a lot in perfecting a beautiful bridal photo.

The photographer who captured this image showed brilliance and artistry by choosing the vast sea with boats sailing therein as the background for the image. The bride, for her part, gave an editorial pose by looking at her gown and smiling so widely, showing her adoration of the dress she wears on her big day.

How can she not love that extraordinary wedding dress? It’s a perfect match for fairytale weddings with its style that’s fitting for princesses and queens. Even with that black and white setting, this photo still exudes a joyful vibe with that look on the bride’s face.

Location: New Port, Rhode Island.

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