Denver Wedding Photographer Three Generations of Brides
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Denver Wedding Photographer Three Generations of Brides

You can’t have a wedding without the presence of your family. These people are responsible for taking care of you and making sure you turn out to be okay in this world. Being with your family on the biggest day of your life makes everything more special. On the other hand, their absence would only mean your wedding day is missing something. Even if one member of your family isn’t there, you’re going to feel a tremendous void inside. So do yourself a favor and involve this particular group of people in every step of the wedding process.

When the big day arrives, make sure you capture every chance to get a photo with your family. This is true, especially if your grandparents are present. They have been through a lot in their lives and seeing their grandchild walk down the aisle affords them with one of the best memories anyone can have. And the best thing about having your mom and grandma present is you can represent three generations of your family getting married.

While this image is simple, the message the wedding photographer delivers is powerful.  The photo symbolizes how the past, present, and future can coexist in the same moment. 

Location: Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.

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