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Devils Thumb Ranch Wedding Photography Colorado

What do you really want from your wedding photography and venue?

I often meet with couples who are feeling completely spoilt for choice with all of the gorgeous Denver wedding venues. They aren’t sure where they want to do their outdoor wedding photos. They don’t really know the style of wedding photos they after and are feeling overwhelmed with the number of options.

As a wedding photographer, I often tell couples to drop the wedding magazines. Log out of Pinterest. Stop poring over pictures of other couples’ wedding albums and examining all the shots from the best wedding photographers in the world.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back. Chat with each other. Ask yourself, what do we love? Who are we as a new family? Amazing wedding photos and truly creative wedding photography is never a copy and paste job. We don’t just want to try to recreate the iconic (and sometimes overdone and cliched) styles. We want to capture something special. Unique wedding photos are all about you.

At Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado, this one of a kind couple created one of a kind wedding snapshots. They were enamored with the untapped Old West ambiance here. They wanted a rustic yet chic Colorado wedding venue in the Rocky Mountains far away from the cookie-cutter hotel wedding reception options. They wanted a unique wedding style that reflected them. The groom ditched the jet black tuxedo and opted for a stunning grey-beige suit with pastel accents. The bride was stunning in her fashionable yet one of kind wedding crown and oversized pastel wedding boutique. Her gorgeous veil was perfect for capturing the wind in the dramatic outdoor venue.

As they stood in the tall grass in front of the old Colorado ranch, they embraced the concept of something old, and something new. The young couple just starting out in their journey looks perfectly at home in front of this well-loved ranch--- which is absolutely stunning and ultra-modern inside, by the way!

Location: 3530 County Road 83 Tabernash, Colorado.

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