Holy Ghost Church Photos by Denver Wedding Photographer
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Holy Ghost Church Photos by Denver Wedding Photographer

The actual wedding ceremony is that period of the couple’s big day where all the formalities and legalities are complied with. That’s where the bride and groom’s relationship as husband and wife is religiously and legally created. This moment, although solemn, quiet, and formal, is that time of the day where they can finally say that they are officially married.

While the reception is that sought-after part of the wedding day, couples understand that the ceremony is the real reason for the celebration. In fact, the bride and groom are very picky when it comes to selecting the venue where they will hold the wedding ceremony. Catholic weddings are required to be held within the premises of the Catholic church, while marriage ceremonies of some religions can be officiated in any place the couple desires.

This captivating image that was taken by a wedding photographer in Denver shows the grand architectural design of this church where the pillars and interior elements are all classy and intricate. The chandeliers look grand and timeless too. The black and white setting of the image is no less than perfect for this scene. It emphasized the solemn and serene moment of this wedding ceremony.

Location: 1900 California St Denver, Colorado.

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