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Holy Ghost Church Wedding Photography Denver Colorado

The lovely girl in this black and white photo seems to be in her pre-teen years. She is probably just starting to understand the world around her. She stands beside grown-up ladies who are all part of the entourage.

While the people around her had their eyes closed for this solemn part of the wedding ceremony, this little girl looks curiously and intently at the altar, observing carefully what is going on. She seems to be a quiet and reserved child who may be very young but is mature enough to behave properly inside the church. And although she does not understand every single detail spoken by the priest or the preacher in the altar, she observes quietly what is taking place in this grand occasion. She does not make a scene. She does not even show that she is bored.

The pretty grown-up ladies around her are all holding a white bouquet while the little girl holds her basket tightly. This may be a simple photo without the bride and groom in it, but this image can be a treasure to that little girl. It will be a reminder to her of the time when she attended a celebration of love while she was still to young to comprehend what it means.

Location: 1900 California St Denver, Colorado.

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