Mountain surfing couple Colorado engagement photography
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Mountain surfing couple Colorado engagement photography

I saw the young couple from the beach, their laughter waxing and waning above the crashing waves. Strolling along the shore, the sun in my eyes, I captured them through my camera lens as they skimmed the waves like a pair of playful dolphins. The frothing jewel green waves sparkled with diamond light mirroring the brilliance of the summer sky. A brisk breeze tempered the balmy warmth and caressed the face of the Denver engagement photographer. I followed their perfect choreography one click at a time, their graceful ballet accompanied by the orchestra of the thundering surf and chatter of seabirds. Astride on their boards, they moved gracefully as one… bodies, hearts, and souls entwined. They rode the waves again and again, navigating the currents of the present and their future. Moments in time written in the patterns of swirling water and glittering spray, images etched forever to be remembered. I inhale the energy as I inhale the briny perfume of the sea. I wade into the water and relish its cool caress around my calves, sand a soft cushion beneath my feet. I aim the camera at them as they pass me, glimpse their smiles… and wish them well.

Creative photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Silverthorne, Colorado.

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