Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch Wedding Photos
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Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch Wedding Photos

When all the planning ends and you reach the day of the wedding, all tension builds up inside the hearts of the bride and groom. Their hearts will keep pumping with every second that brings them closer to that precise moment that they will walk down the aisle.

The climax of the wedding is always that time when the curtain on the other end of the altar opens and the gorgeous bride shows up, walks down the aisle in her equally stunning wedding dress, holding a bouquet that accentuates her beauty.

Everyone will look at her in amazement, take pictures of her, and cheer for the moment they’ve been waiting for. And the groom may not be able to explain the excitement, the amazement, the happiness he feels as he looks at his love walking towards his direction.

After this surreal moment, tension drops down gradually and the idea of their being an official couple will start to sink in. This black and white photo captured by one of the Denver photographers shows just how relaxed and genuine this moment is.

The newlyweds kiss each other so sweetly, knowing that beginning today, they will spend the rest of their lives together. They’re starting to realize the true essence of this day, and that is the declaration of their love for each other that will and should last for a lifetime.

Location: 0130 Daybreak Ridge Rd Avon, Colorado.

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