Same sex marriage Colorado engagement photography
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Same sex marriage Colorado engagement photography

Winter is such a romantic season to spend with the one you love. When you have a hand to hold and you feel the warmth of his love, you won’t be unfazed by the coldness of winter. And I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Just look at the couple captured by a Colorado photographer. You may not realize that they are actually posing for an engagement photography session, but they are. I can't blame you though if you think this is just a candid shot on a normal weekend that they are spending together. Looking at the way they stare at each other, you can only surmise that they are genuinely happy in each other’s arms.

Winter can be as cold as it gets. The temperature may drop to an all-time low. But these two have each other to have and to hold when it gets too cold. Plus, that soothing fire burning in the foreground will keep them warm as they talk to each other in their quality time. No matter what season it is, when you have the love of your life to spend the rest of the day with, you’ll have someone to share your burdens with and someone who will listen to the happiest and most mundane stories you can tell.

Location: Vail, Colorado .

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