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San Francisco Engagement Photography Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Engagement Photography

It seemed like only yesterday. Early that morning, walking alone along the foggy beach. The surf thundered an eerie dirge through veils of mist that coiled like spirits of lost mariners. Passing ships blared, echoing the lonely call of Point Bonita lighthouse. It was chilly, and apart from a few circling seagulls, I felt like I was the only person on Earth. Then the sun began to melt the fog, revealing patches of blue sky. Gentle warmth bathed my face and the red towers of the bridge rose into view, twin leviathans claiming their liquid domain. It was an image I could never forget… until I saw you walking along the waterline. Hair fluttering in the breeze, your smile reflecting the brightening skies… In my eyes, and through the lens of the best Denver engagement photographer, my heart became yours. What brought us together that fateful day? Was it a simple roll of the dice, a wink of chance, or did destiny cast us ashore, a pair of messages in a bottle long cast to the sea? How I remember that day, and always will, for love was our message in the bottle. We came to the beach as two, but walked away as one.

Engagement photograph musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: San Francisco, California.

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