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Shove Chapel Wedding Photography Colorado Springs

The classical interior of an old church is featured in this wedding image. An experienced wedding photographer like the one who took this shot knows just how to frame these features to create a stunning image.

This timeless wedding picture is one that the couple would love to print in a canvas because of the amazing symmetry and the artistry showcased herein. As you will notice, the unique architecture of the church is highlighted, but the couple and the priest were also placed so perfectly in the frame that they are not overpowered by the interiors of this religious sanctuary.

This image captured the solemnity of a wedding ceremony, preserving in a timeless image, a moment that will always be remembered but will never happen again in the lifetime of this couple. The bride and groom in this photo listen intently to the priest who preaches his sermon that is especially made for them.

The black and white color completes the solemn mood of the image. Although it only shows the silhouette of the crowd, you can assume from the photo that they are numerous and they are also focused on the scene in the altar. This memorable photo will surely remind the couple of their vow before God to remain together no matter what happens.

Location: 1010 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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