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Shrine Pass Engagement Photos Colorado

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In my decades of shooting weddings and engagements, I have had the opportunity to see more than my fair share of wedding dresses as well as party dresses for receptions and engagement pics. From minimalist slip dresses to show-stopping princess-style gowns, it is so much fun to see the bride’s personality reflected in her choices. From the style of wedding dress for her big day to her looks before and after the aisle, the fashion is always one of the most fun aspects.

When I met this chic Colorado couple, I knew that I was going to be blown away by their incredible style. This gorgeous bride didn’t need to track down the best wedding photographers, she needed a fashion photographer! A natural supermodel in the making, she had such an impressive sense of what makes the best engagement shots. And that dress! In all of the bridal photography and couples shots, her flawless fashion sense took center stage. As much as I love shooting casual couples photos, this gorgeous gal was glowing in a carnation pink dress. Her striking dress pick was unlike anything I had ever seen before and it gave us the chance to dive into something creative engagement photography.

The lovely couple did an engagement photo shoot in Shrine Pass, Colorado and it was the perfect spot to capture the blushing soon-to-be bride’s beautiful dress. A truly unique pre-wedding style, her flowing rose-colored dresses took center stage in their outdoor engagement photographs.

As they stood in the rugged red hills of the Rocky Mountains, they looked ready for the cover of a fashion magazine. The groom stood behind his soon to be bride like a proud knight in shining armor (except in a timeless black tux!). When it comes to outdoor engagement portraits in the Colorado Rockies, this was certainly one of the favorite projects.

Location: Vail, Colorado.

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