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Spruce Mountain Ranch Wedding Photography Colorado

This black and white image of a scene in a wedding reception will certainly earn a second look.

It might look like a simple image of a little boy showing off his dance moves to everyone who seems to enjoy this entertainment he is bringing to the crowd. But some who will look at this photo would ask if the little guy is okay or if he tripped on something then lied on the floor hurt.

That’s the funny thing about wedding photography. You capture images of what’s going on and you leave the interpretation to the viewers. Like this photo right here which was taken during a festive hour of the wedding reception where the little kid tries to show his breakdancing moves.

He bravely walked in front of everyone and danced with full of energy while the crowd at the back looks at him with fascination. This is one of the moments in weddings that couples are thankful for. To offer any form of entertainment to the newlyweds is one of the kindest thing you can do for them. Thanks to this kid who willingly does it even when he does not completely understand what a wedding is.

Location: 14771 S Spruce Mountain Rd Larkspur, Colorado.

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