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Steamboat Springs Wedding Photography Bella Vista Venue

This colorful and lively photo of four gentlemen raising a toast in celebration of their loved ones’ wedding is truly inspiring. Even without seeing their faces, we know that they are very happy as they raise their glasses in celebration of the special occasion.

These four gray-haired gentlemen may be talking about a lot of other things aside from the wedding. Looking at this image, it’s not hard to imagine that they are reminiscing, maybe talking about the past, what they used to do as friends, how they changed for the better in the course of time, and simply how happy they are that they have come to this point in their lives.

With that magnificent view in one of the Colorado wedding venues that are fit for outdoor ceremonies, it feels so good to relax and ponder about the things you learned in life and the surprises that await you. The wedding photographer behind this image creatively composed all the elements in the photo and positioned them harmoniously to create an appealing image.

It’s impossible to ignore another winning element in the picture, which is the reflection of these four gentlemen in the pool. It adds uniqueness and creativity to the photo.

The story of the wedding day ... I am incredibly excited to finally share with you an amazing and special Colorado wedding of some of my dearest friends, Jess and Jim. I wanted to give the fabulous bride & groom, my good friends Jess & Jim, some beautiful, intimate and amazing wedding photographs. It was the least I could do for this amazing couple who've been some of my best friends for basically my entire adult life!

It all started back when Jess became best friends with my middle younger sister, Louise, at Colorado State University. Once my youngest sister left home and got to know Jess too, the four of us girls spent lots of time together. Activities included creating crazy Halloween costumes, dancing many nights away at cabin parties and of course spending hours upon hours up on the slopes!

Jess and Jim met years ago in Fort Collins, at Old Chicago's. Currently Jess works as an engineer, she loves her art and traveling! Jim is a financial analyst, who loves his baseball and playing guitar. Jess and Jim were, and still are, absolutely in love with Colorado and everything the Rockies have to offer. If this adventurous couple isn't ski diving, hiking, skiing, or mountain biking, they're probably outside with their dog, Nikko! Jess & Jim's love for Colorado certainly shined through on their wedding day. Not only were we surrounded by a beautiful landscape and gorgeous mountains, the weekend was filled with ski poles, flowered flip flops, Colorado flags, maps of the mountains and guests were even reminded to sign a pair of cool wooden skis for the bride & groom!

Jess and Jim rented out the Bella Vista Estate for the entire weekend, where all close friends and family were invited to stay. I loved how I got to spend so much time with not only Jess and Jim, but with both of my sisters and brother-in-laws! All of us played a role in the wedding weekend; my sister Louise was the co-maid of honor, Jesse sang Ben Harper's "Forever" during the ceremony, my brother-in-law, Rob, sang "Try a Little Tenderness" at the reception (and brought the house down!) As for me, well, I got the privilege and honor of being their wedding photographer :)

Just as the thunder boomed and rain drops started to fall out of the sky, the ceremony began! The guests' eyes were all aimed towards the sky as Jess and Jim met at the end of the aisle. Walking confidently, ready to commit their lives to each other, the weather seemingly not in their mind. Within minutes, the drops transformed into pouring down rain! That’s when Jim looked at his beautiful bride getting drenched and called it. Everyone ran for cover under a tent, but not to worry, soon enough we proceeded right where we left off. One thing’s for sure, no one will forget that ceremony anytime soon! As Jess and Jim whispered their vows privately to each other the raindrops came again, only this time, softer, and no one seemed to mind. After the deal was sealed with a fabulous kiss, they held hands together, practically skipping up the aisle, damp, but married… finally and forever.

A beautiful rainbow awaited the bride and groom as the rain left for good. The colors of the sky were breathtaking, and by then Jess's curls had sprung back to life, beautiful as ever, almost as if there hadn't been any rain in the first place. What an amazing weekend for some gorgeous Colorado wedding photography. Thank you Jess and Jim for an unforgettably fun and amazing weekend in Steamboat Springs!

Location: 31095 US-40 Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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