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Babies and kids are gifts from above. No matter how clueless and innocent they are, they will always remain adorable additions to important family celebrations. Let’s take weddings for example.

We all know that taking kids to an event where everyone needs to observe silence is also taking a risk that they will spoil the occasion. Nevertheless, we want them there and we even give them important roles in wedding ceremonies. The simple reason would be that kids will always be dear to a family. We always want them around in special occasions such as weddings because they are fun to look at in formal wedding attire and they add happiness to the whole occasion.

Just look at this little boy in the image. He was not even part of the entourage yet with one wacky facial expression, he instantly makes us smile. Imagine the wedding guests who will see this little boy looking this adorable. Wouldn’t they giggle and tell him how cute he is? Multiply this cuteness to as many kids as there are in this wedding and you will realize how fun it is to have them around in celebrations like this. After all, a ceremony or reception with kids walking and running around is livelier than that with only adult mingling and celebrating.

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