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Top Denver Wedding Photographer Brown Palace Photos

In wedding photography, only a talented and independent-minded artist can silence all the chaos and shut the doors of anxiety to sense and capture art when it happens.

There is no denying that the Denver wedding photographer who captured this image is a genuine artist who can capture pure creativity through the lens of her camera. A wedding is a pressure-filled day where all the people present try to do their part to make the wedding perfect. But in their effort to do so, more trouble often happens and a lot of unexpected events take place.

A wedding photographer has to see beyond all this mess and focus on his or her job of capturing awesome images that will reflect only the positive things about the wedding. This image right here is that one photo that does not exhibit any trace of chaos or pressure, just a serene magical moment of the bride alone.

She wears her wedding dress like a queen. And although we cannot see her face, we know that the bride looks at the window with fierce eyes, telling the world that this is her day and not a single soul can ruin it.

The bigger story from the wedding day and it's bride and groom ... I couldn't be more excited about posting this gorgeous downtown Denver wedding at the Brown Palace. I absolutely adore this couple and after their amazing engagement session, I knew we were going to have a blast together on their wedding day too. We had a easy and instant connection from the get-go, and I was confident that they trusted me implicitly. Because of that, I was able to capture some fantastic images of them being truly relaxed and in love. They were more than excited and able to be their goofy-selves with me, which I truly believe is a wonderful formula for successful photography on a wedding day.

I have always been big fan of the bride and groom's "first look" because I believe it gives couples a chance to spend more time together on their wedding day AND because the images we are able to capture during that time are always so amazing and dripping with emotion. It's not something I push on my couples, since I know that there are many couples that want to wait for the traditional moment of walking down the aisle to see each other for the first time that day, but when a couple is open to the idea, I am happy to encourage it! From this point on I think I will use Johanna and John Michael's images to show future clients what is possible with a first look. The expressions and the energy of their first look photos literally give me goose bumps! In my experience over the last decade, I have found that his kind of coverage is simply not possible during a ceremony. First, because I can never get quite the right angle due to the ceremony set up, chairs, guests, etc. It also goes too fast so that there isn't any time for the couple to really drink each other in. The first look is a private (well, semi-private including only the couple, myself and my second shooter) space to give the couple time to really see each other for the first time and to linger in that moment together. Then we take a series of photos of the bride and groom together before the craziness of the wedding day and all of the guests takes hold. It's simply a magical part of the day and as usual, I am in love with the photos we got during Johanna and John Michael's first look.

The Brown Palace was, as always, a gorgeous and classy venue for both the ceremony and the reception and I loved being treated as a guest right down to the delicious meal we were served for dinner. Thank you! We get really hungry working so hard all day long. :-) I also have to thank Julia Timmer, my amazing second shooter, who I adore beyond words. We always work together so seamlessly and I am forever grateful for her talent and great energy that she shares with me and with my clients. Bravo Julie! You rock!

To Johanna and John Michael; you are one of the most stunning couples I have had the pleasure of getting to know. You are perfect together and I hope our photographic relationship will last for years to come. I wish you all the happiness in the world and I hope you love these images as much as I do. MUWAH!

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Location: 321 17th St Denver, Colorado.

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