Top Denver Wedding Photographers Bride and Groom Image
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Top Denver Wedding Photographers Bride and Groom Image

After everything has been said and done during the whole wedding process, the first quiet moment you’re going to have is inside the bridal car. The Denver wedding photographer behind this image is truly lucky to capture this scene. It is in this moment where the thought of finally being married sinks in. You will remember the first time you saw your spouse, how your love story unfolded before your very eyes, the once-in-a-lifetime-moment of saying I Do, and everything in between.

When the moment finally sinks in, you’ll immediately be grateful because you have married the person you were meant to be with. You can finally start a new chapter of your lives together and accomplish so many amazing things. Before, you faced various struggles and trials all on your own.

It’s a different story, now that you’re sitting beside your spouse in a car that will take you to a celebration of your lives. You now have a partner to hold when the world starts falling apart. Being alone will never be an option again because there’s one special person who’s more than willing to go through hell and back for your happiness.

All of these thoughts will revolve inside your head during the first quiet time you have on your wedding day. And when these thoughts strike you, you’ll look at the love of your life, smile, and laugh together. You’re finally together and that’s what makes this moment so special.

Location: 1881 Curtis Street Denver, Colorado.

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