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On her wedding day, it is very difficult to convince the bride that everything is going to turn out as planned. No matter how much you try to calm her down, she will always feel something is missing or something might go wrong. In fact, a bride’s facial expression changes constantly from the wedding preparation, to the ceremony, and up to the reception.

While the bride feels so excited for her wedding day and overwhelmingly elated as she sees the guests saying hi to her one by one, she will always go back to that nerve-wrecking feeling of anxiety. No matter how many times she hears people telling her that everything will be alright, you cannot stop her from thinking of all the possibilities that her wedding will turn out to be a nightmare.

There are so many thoughts running inside her head like if that wedding hair style really suits her; if she can walk gracefully without tripping; or if everyone would love the food in the reception menu.

Looking at this picture of the gorgeous bride that was captured by one of the wedding photographers in Denver for this occasion, she seems to be thinking of so many things. But the great thing about weddings is that when the bride finally touches the hand of her groom, she will instantly feel at peace knowing that he will make things alright.

The bigger story of the wedding day, bride, and her groom ... Denver wedding photography at Four Seasons: The Four Seasons has become one of my favorite hotels in Denver to photograph weddings. Beyond it's supremely chic and modern atmosphere (which is right up my own personal alley), I love the location right in the heart of downtown. It's within walking distance to the Denver Performing Arts Complex as well as Larimer Square. Given the gorgeous day we had for Kelly and Wade's wedding, we took advantage of this for the first look as well as photos with their large wedding party and their families. It was pure magic! We did the first look at the DCPA (which was perfect) and then we took the wedding party for a stroll down Larimer (and yes, I did stop traffic- as I am known to do on occasion!) and then back to the DCPA for family formals in the beautiful soft light that the covered ceiling provides, even in broad daylight. I am in LOVE with this couple, these photos, and everything about this wedding.

For starters, Kelly and Wade are my ideal couple! Not only do they both look like models, they both love being outdoors and participating in many of the fun activities that our fabulous state provides: hiking, skiing, golfing, running, live music, golf, volleyball (to name a few). They both love to read and travel and have a long list of countries they want to visit. They are adventurous and silly, fun-loving and absolutely darling to the core of their beings. They trusted me implicitly to "do my thing" (which I LOVE) and the images I was able to capture for them are a true reflection of their personalities and the love they have for each other. THANK YOU KELLY AND WADE for being so awesome in every way! Couples like you make me LOVE what I do so very much!

They had their ceremony on the pool deck and the afternoon rain shower held itself back until the couple literally walked down the aisle. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly. When the rain did decide to fall, Heather and Jenna (the fab planners from Table 6 Productions) were quick on their feet to move cocktail hour down to the space outside the main ballroom and not a beat was missed. It anything, it gave Kelly and Wade a moment to revel in their amazing good luck and grab a few more photos outside before joining the party. And what a party it was! Between the beautiful and heartfelt speeches from Kelly's father, the best man and the maid of honor, their band, Groove Nation, kept the party rocking all night long. I swear they had literally EVERYONE on the dance floor.

Thank you again to Kelly and Wade, Heather and Jenna, the staff at the Four Seasons, and last but not least, to my wonderful second shooter, Sarah Box. It was a A-team effort and I am incredibly proud to have been a part of such a gorgeous wedding!

Location: 1111 14th St Denver, Colorado.

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