Winter wedding photograph in Beaver Creek, Colorado
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Winter wedding photograph in Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek Winter Wedding Photo

One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer in Colorado is winter weddings. As much as I love getting into the great outdoors during the warmer months of the year, it just doesn't compare to winters in the Rockies. The landscape comes alive as the Rocky Mountains become capped with snow. The villages of the mountainside and much-loved ski resort towns look like picture-perfect settings from a snow globe.

That is precisely why I am always delighted when I meet a bride and groom who are going to tie the knot during the snowy season. After all, what is better than having a winter wedding in a mountainous wonderland? This outdoor-loving couple took things to the next level with a ski-themed wedding photo shoot.

The bride looked like a winter princess in her flowing ivory white wedding gown, alabaster-white snow boots, and flowing blonde curls. As she walked through the ski report hand in hand with her dashing prince in a classic black tux, the crowd cheered them on. While so many things about this modern wedding photo shoot give away the place and time, there is still something so classical and timeless about it. It reminded back to generations ago neighbors all knew each other and lined the streets to cheer on their friends and foes alike during their wedding days. While it may be a modern ski resort with guests from all over the world, sharing that special moment there created such a warm sense of community.

There is something so magical about seeing a couple in love and watching a woman walk by in her wedding dress that you just can’t help by smile. You want to cheer them on. It brings a tear to your eye even if you’ve never exchanged a word with the happy couple. This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why I love capturing the joy of weddings.

Location: 210 Beaver Creek Plaza, Beaver Creek, CO 81620.

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