Pregnancy and Maternity Photography

Pregnancy photography is a beautiful time in a women’s life where a skilled photojournalist can capture the timeless beauty of maternity photography in Boulder, Denver, and throughout the Mountains of Colorado.

Denver Maternity Photographer: Gregorek, Round 2

Denver Maternity Photographer:  Round two is in the air people!  At this very moment I have 7 clients that have come back to me to document their second child’s baby’s first year photos to include maternity photos, newborn photos, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and one year photos.  They are all at slightly different stages in the game, but two of my new baby clients were actually born less than 24 hours apart.  That should make it easy to keep track of their shoot dates-ha!

I’ve been the Gregorek family photographer since 2010 when Christine and Mike hired me to photograph their engagement and wedding, and following that, their first born daughter, Ava, throughout the first year of her life.  Over the last four years we have become close friends and I am absolutely thrilled for them to be adding another beautiful human to our planet.  In fact, I get to meet baby Bear for the first time next week!

For the maternity session this time around we went to Kendrick Lake Park in Lakewood where were were able to grab a few family shots including the always adorable Ava, who is now a very quickly moving toddler. And then we released her to play on the awesome playground with her nanny while her mommy and daddy and I took more photos of just the two of them and of Christine alone.  Christine looked beautiful as always with her long thick hair giving me the usual hair envy that it always does.  Christine and Mike are always so relaxed and happy and easy to photograph, I just love working with them!

Congratulations to the Gregorek family and I look forward to seeing you next week and many many more times after that!  XOXO

Maternity & Newborn Photos Denver: The Ridder Family

Maternity & Newborn Photos Denver:  Not everyone does my baby’s first year collection right out of the gate.  I also offer a reduced price option for portrait sessions when clients combine maternity photos with the newborn photo shoot.  Oftentimes these same clients will come back for 6 month or first year photos, but in general the maternity & newborn collection gives people a great first start to documenting their child’s arrival on planet earth.

Sarah and Nat hired me for their wedding last Oct. and I have enjoyed getting to know this couple and now this little family SO MUCH!  We had a blast at the maternity session too.  We went back to City park, which happens to be where Sarah and Nat shared their first kiss, where Nat proposed, and also where we went on their wedding day to capture their romantic bride and groom photos after their intimate ceremony.  This time however, given the nature of the photo shoot, we went to the playground.  :-)  Nat goofed around and they had a ball together swinging on the swing-set, playing on the monkey bars (Nat) and just in general being their lighthearted selves.  After the park we headed back to their home to grab the fur child and took a little walk around the block so as not to exclude their pup.

Anderson (Ace)Thomas Ridder arrived 3 weeks early, but healthy, on 7/17, weighing in at 6lb 7oz and measuring 19in long.  He was so tiny when I met him but Sarah has sent me photos since and he has very quickly grown into a very chubby big little guy.  :-)  Sarah told me that she was so glad that we did the newborn photos immediately because he changed so quickly in the weeks following our shoot.  I hear that more times than you can imagine.  The growth that happens in the first month of a babies life is astounding!  And, this guy isn’t only growing like a weed, his brain is already operating at a very high levels of intense imaginative intelligence.  You can check out his witty and comical blog here. (Hilarious, and totally worth a browse I might add!)

Congratulations to Sarah, Nat, and Ace!  I can’t wait to see you all again for (hopefully) LOTS more family photo shoots!  Big Hugs to you all!

Golden Maternity Photographer: The Snow Family

Golden Maternity Photographer:  I just read on FB that my clients (and friends) Lauren and Nick’s little bundle of baby boy joy, Jack Snow, was born yesterday, August 19th at 11:18pm.  YAY!  I am so excited because not only did I get the honor of capturing their maternity photos, but I am also lined up to take newborn photos of Jack in a few short days from now.

I first met Lauren and Nick for their very special, and beyond gorgeous (that word doesn’t begin to capture it) wedding day on NYE 2011, and before that, for their engagement session in San Diego, CA.  We had an instantaneous connection and I knew that we were going to be fast friends.  I wasn’t wrong.  I spent one of the most fun NYE’s ever with them and all of their family and friends at a fabulous and wild party at the Cables Center in Denver where I couldn’t help but join in on the dance floor and get down with the guests, complete with glow necklaces, silly hats and confetti poppers.

Lauren had the most wonderful things to say about me after her wedding day!  She reviewed me on the knot and said: “Frances will be one of the best investments you’ll make if you hire her. She will deliver everything that’s promised, and more. And besides, she is the nicest, cutest photographer ever anyway, such a fun time! She has such a darling personality, and is just all around awesome! During the dancing at the reception, she was dancing with us while taking pictures. Instead of standing there awkwardly to the side, Frances blended right into the wedding crowd and captured real moments. I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding photos I will have for the rest of my life of our wedding- they are truly priceless. I can’t wait to have her shoot us in the future- any time I possibly can, because she is THAT GOOD! Babies, families, fun, anything!”

Awe, thanks sweetie!  I didn’t even see that review until a few months ago. Ha!  And it appears hat last part has certainly come true!  As soon as Lauren and Nick were expecting, I got a phone call about baby photos.  I have a feeling I will be seeing much more of the Snow family this year and for years to come.  Congratulations Lauren and Nick!  I am over the moon for you both and I cannot wait to meet baby Jack.  He is so lucky to have been born to the two of you.  You are going to be amazing parents, just like the amazing people you already are!  XOXOX

Maternity Photography Colorado: Danielle, Jim, and Izzy

Maternity Photography Colorado:  Danielle is a wonderful and well-loved friend of mine that I have know ever since we were little girls in dance and gymnastics class together back in Fort Morgan, both of our hometown.  She also happens to work for me!  She does all of the submissions of weddings and other photo shoots that I do for consideration to be published in magazines, blogs, and in other media.  Since she has come to work for me, my work has been getting published everywhere! THANK YOU DANIELLE!  Needless to say, she has been a wonderful addition to my team.

In addition, I have had the pleasure of photographing her on many different occasions since we reconnected as adults….at her wedding, for a boudoir session, a maternity session for her first born, and every several months after that as well.  Isabella (Izzy) is just the cutest thing ever!  Here are a couple of links to her 6 month and 9 month baby photos.

As a thank you for her continued friendship, loyalty and hard work, I decided to give her the gift of a maternity session for her second baby, born about two weeks ago.  The last time we took maternity photos (with Isabella) she ended up having the baby the very next day!  I think that was also her hope this time around.  However, baby boy Blaise John Kirk decided he wanted to cook for a little while longer and wasn’t born for another week and a half on July 9th, weighing in at 9.9 lbs and was 20 inches long!  WOW, talk about a big baby!!!

I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet, but I can’t wait!  Love you Danielle and I think these photos are just beautiful!  I hope you will treasure them forever.