Pregnancy and Maternity Photography

Pregnancy photography is a beautiful time in a women’s life where a skilled photojournalist can capture the timeless beauty of maternity photography in Boulder, Denver, and throughout the Mountains of Colorado.

Maternity Photography Colorado: Danielle, Jim, and Izzy

Maternity Photography Colorado:  Danielle is a wonderful and well-loved friend of mine that I have know ever since we were little girls in dance and gymnastics class together back in Fort Morgan, both of our hometown.  She also happens to work for me!  She does all of the submissions of weddings and other photo shoots that I do for consideration to be published in magazines, blogs, and in other media.  Since she has come to work for me, my work has been getting published everywhere! THANK YOU DANIELLE!  Needless to say, she has been a wonderful addition to my team.

In addition, I have had the pleasure of photographing her on many different occasions since we reconnected as adults….at her wedding, for a boudoir session, a maternity session for her first born, and every several months after that as well.  Isabella (Izzy) is just the cutest thing ever!  Here are a couple of links to her 6 month and 9 month baby photos.

As a thank you for her continued friendship, loyalty and hard work, I decided to give her the gift of a maternity session for her second baby, born about two weeks ago.  The last time we took maternity photos (with Isabella) she ended up having the baby the very next day!  I think that was also her hope this time around.  However, baby boy Blaise John Kirk decided he wanted to cook for a little while longer and wasn’t born for another week and a half on July 9th, weighing in at 9.9 lbs and was 20 inches long!  WOW, talk about a big baby!!!

I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet, but I can’t wait!  Love you Danielle and I think these photos are just beautiful!  I hope you will treasure them forever.

Maternity Photography Denver: Wickliff’s Round 2

Maternity Photography Denver:  Katie and John Wickliff have been hiring me as their special moments photographer for the last 5 years.  Not only are they very special clients, but they have also become wonderful friends and I have seen them in SO many different lights throughout the years, it is mind boggeling.  We began our journey together at their engagement photo shoot in 2009, followed by their wedding in Beaver Creek in 2010. After that we stayed in touch and had fun wine dates with them and their next door neighbors, the Cogdall family (who coincidentally, I also photographed from engagement to wedding to baby’s first year to baby’s first year #2!)

When Katie became pregnant with their first son, Connor, they decided to do my baby’s first year collection for him too.  Since then, I have seen them every several months from the first maternity photo shoot, to Connor’s newborn photos, to his three month baby photos, to his six month photos, to his nine month photos, to his one year session, to a special family photo shoot when Connor was about 1 and a half (Just for fun! And for Christmas Cards).

And now, we are about to start it all again with their second baby girl, Piper!  To say that I know the Wickliff family intimately would be an understatement!  I think the only thing I haven’t done with them photo-wise at this point is a boudoir session with Katie!  HA!  And I’m guessing post baby #2, we will probably add that to the long list!

When I say that I love this family, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.  Katie and John, you have such a wonderful family, you are beautiful people (both inside and out), and your loyalty to me and my business has not gone without notice.  I can’t wait for many, many more months (and years!!) of family photos and fun times with you and your beautiful children.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Denver Pregnancy Photography: Woodward Round 2

Denver Pregnancy Photography:  Stephanie and Mike Woodward have been loyal clients of mine since their engagement and wedding way back in 2008.  Since then I have had the honor of documenting them as they added their first born, Madilyn (now two years old), to this world over the course of her first year.  I was thrilled to find out they were expecting their second child because that means we are starting baby’s first year all over again and I will get to see them every three months this year to capture baby Brooklyn!  For the maternity session this time around, we decided to meet at Wash Park so that we could reward Madilyn for all her beautiful smiles at the playground after the photo shoot.  It was a gorgeous and hot summer afternoon and we were able to get some darling photos showcasing Stephanie’s baby bump and of course, the precocious and hilarious little Madilyn at two.  It’s always amazing to me how fast time flies and how quickly these little babies that I start out photographing at less than two weeks of age mature into walking, talking, little humans.

Steph and Mike, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continued loyalty and love for my work.  I am so happy that we met and that you have chosen to keep me as your family photographer all these years.  I absolutely love coming to your house and seeing my photos from all of the various shoots we have done together over the years all over your walls in practically every room of your home.  It makes my heart smile.  I am so happy for you and can’t wait to capture your second baby girl (not to mention Madilyn and you both) many, many, many more times.  Not only this year, but every year!  XOXO

Denver Maternity & Newborn Photographer: The Essin Family

This stunning family came to me as a referral from another client that had hired me photograph her engagement, wedding, and first baby through my babies first year collection.  Rebecca had just found out she was expecting her first baby and wanted not only to document the babies first year, like I did with her friend, but also to document her pregnancy at 12 weeks, 24 weeks, and finally at 36 weeks with her husband, Will, and their sweet puppy, Wocket.  It sounded great to me and I am always more than happy to customize my collections for each individual client to exactly suite their needs and desires.  It was fun for me to set up a backdrop and do more of a studio session for the first two pregnancy shoots, since I primarily photograph my clients on location.  It was a bit of a throw-back to my Brooks Institute of Photography days with controlled lighting, but more than that, I loved being able to see Rebecca’s pregnancy progress through all of the stages of belly-hood.  As you can see, she was just as gorgeous at 36 weeks as the day I met her.  It was wonderful to meet Will at the last maternity session and we all had a blast touring around Standley Lake Park taking some more casual “on location” kinds of maternity photos.

And the baby?!?  Oh my goodness….  Little Margaret Mills Essin “Garet” was just as perfect as she could be.  She was born a little early on 10/3/13 weighing in at 7 lbs 7 oz, and 19.5 in long.  Rebecca and Will were absolutely over the moon with their little bundle of baby joy and it was amazing getting to meet her and photograph her as such a tiny little newborn peanut.  I am thrilled that I have met this beautiful family and I can’t wait to follow little Garet as she grows & matures this year.  Thank you Rebecca & Will for trusting me with such an important part of your lives.  And thank you to the Wickliff Family for the glowing recommendation!!