Pregnancy and Maternity Photography

Pregnancy photography is a beautiful time in a women’s life where a skilled photojournalist can capture the timeless beauty of maternity photography in Boulder, Denver, and throughout the Mountains of Colorado.

Denver Maternity & Newborn Photographer: The Essin Family

This stunning family came to me as a referral from another client that had hired me photograph her engagement, wedding, and first baby through my babies first year collection.  Rebecca had just found out she was expecting her first baby and wanted not only to document the babies first year, like I did with her friend, but also to document her pregnancy at 12 weeks, 24 weeks, and finally at 36 weeks with her husband, Will, and their sweet puppy, Wocket.  It sounded great to me and I am always more than happy to customize my collections for each individual client to exactly suite their needs and desires.  It was fun for me to set up a backdrop and do more of a studio session for the first two pregnancy shoots, since I primarily photograph my clients on location.  It was a bit of a throw-back to my Brooks Institute of Photography days with controlled lighting, but more than that, I loved being able to see Rebecca’s pregnancy progress through all of the stages of belly-hood.  As you can see, she was just as gorgeous at 36 weeks as the day I met her.  It was wonderful to meet Will at the last maternity session and we all had a blast touring around Standley Lake Park taking some more casual “on location” kinds of maternity photos.

And the baby?!?  Oh my goodness….  Little Margaret Mills Essin “Garet” was just as perfect as she could be.  She was born a little early on 10/3/13 weighing in at 7 lbs 7 oz, and 19.5 in long.  Rebecca and Will were absolutely over the moon with their little bundle of baby joy and it was amazing getting to meet her and photograph her as such a tiny little newborn peanut.  I am thrilled that I have met this beautiful family and I can’t wait to follow little Garet as she grows & matures this year.  Thank you Rebecca & Will for trusting me with such an important part of your lives.  And thank you to the Wickliff Family for the glowing recommendation!!

Baby Photography in Denver: Happy 1st Birthday Madilyn!

It has been an joyous year working with the Woodwards documenting beautiful baby Madilyn at all her most precious stages during her first year of her life.  I always talk about why I love my babies first year collection, but for this post, I thought I would share a little from my clients perspective:

“Soon after we found out we were pregnant, I went straight to Frances’ site to inquire about family portraits.  We were so impressed with our engagement and wedding photos done by Frances, I had my fingers crossed that she would be willing to photograph our new family as well.  I was very happy to find that not only was she in the family photo business, she had a Baby’s First Year Collection package available that would include a maternity shoot as well as baby photography starting at two weeks old and continue every three months up to the first birthday.  I contacted her right away and got things booked!  Just as important as it was for my wedding, booking a fantastic photographer who could tell a story through pictures was very high on my priority list.  You’ll always have memories – but capturing them through photography is the best way to re-live them.  We have now completed our last round of photo shoots with Frances, ending with Madilyn’s 12 month shoot in downtown Denver.  We chose this location because our favorite shots from our wedding day were also taken there, on a warm, blue sky day – - on the Millennium Bridge in downtown.  Frances captured our daughter’s personality, AND THEN SOME, during every shoot.  I love looking back at the photos and seeing Madilyn’s smiles and goofy faces.  Every morning when I walk down my stair case, passing a photo from each shoot, I am taken back to each of Madilyn’s stages that passed by so quickly.  Thank you Frances for your sharp eye and creative mind!” – Stephanie Woodward.

Thank you again Steph and Mike for being so much fun to work with this year and I look forward to many more family sessions (and hopefully more babies!!) with you all! XOXO


Pregnancy Photography Denver: Julie & Michael’s baby bump

This post marks the beginning of another wonderful year of baby photos with the Marcum family and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing in this beautiful and exciting time in their lives!  Julie and Michael hired me to photograph their wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch on July 14th, 2012 and we hit it off instantaneously.  I immediately fell in love with them both and even more in love with their relationship from the first moment I laid eyes (lens) on them.  It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony and reception with only their closest family and loved ones. I know that Julie and Micheal love their photos because when I went to their home for the maternity session, I got to see lots of their wedding images gracing their walls as well as their wedding album decorating their coffee table in the living room.

When I found out they were pregnant and wanted me back to document their baby’s first year I was both honored and delighted!  Because they booked my babies first year collection, I will get to see and spend time with Julie and Michael and their beautiful baby girl, Vivienne Belle, who was born on June 25th, next week at her newborn session, at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and one year.  Once those shoots are complete I will design a gorgeous coffee table book with all the best images from our sessions together.  I can’t WAIT to meet Vivienne.  Thank you so much to Julie and Michael for inviting me back into your lives to capture this incredibly precious time.

Count Down to Baby Town: Sarah and Brian Maternity Photos, Denver

Sarah and Brian and I met in 2009 when they first came to see me about wedding photography.  They were planning a gorgeous wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor’s Gulch in Beaver Creek on Sept. 5th, 2010 and I can remember feeling an instant connection with them both.  We became fast friends and over the last five years I’ve had the honor of photographing them at their engagement session, on their wedding day; as well as the privilege of lots of fun dinner dates since then to just hang out and catch up on our lives in general. It doesn’t happen to me “all the time,”  but truly, some of my favorite people in this great city are people who were originally my wedding clients.  Not only do I consider Sarah and Brian wonderful friends, but once again I am finding my path in the wedding world naturally leading me into the direction of family portraits, and I love it!  I have just recently been invited to document Sarah and Brian’s first child’s first year of life and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them or excited to share in this amazing time in their lives.

When I first became a wedding photographer I was pretty much convinced that I wanted to specialize in weddings and leave the portrait work to other “specialists.”  I didn’t connect with the idea of being a family or a portrait photographer.  It felt contrived, superficial somehow.  Weddings were where the “rawness” was for me.  The emotion, the drama, the love, the build-up, the pressure… the excitement.  And as I grew as a wedding photographer, something happened to me that I didn’t necessarily plan on or expect.  That is, I started falling in love with my clients.  Seeing them and documenting them during this time went deeper than just my lens & eyeball.  The images and the memories I captured got etched into my mind and then diffused into my heart and the entire essence of my being.  Albeit, though the lens (most of the time), I got to see what was pure and beautiful in my brides and grooms though the eyes and stolen glances of their loved ones and families.  And after the moment was gone and the day was over, I relived the feelings for countless hours upon hours after the wedding during my editing and finishing processes.  I don’t know how else to explain it, but these images have become a part of who I am.  Not only to other people, but to myself.  For me, it’s about the connection.  And it’s a connection that is bigger than a shared human experience.  It’s a connection in “love.”  A love that you can feel for someone when you can see who they really are and where they have come from.  And this has been going on for 10 years now.  It makes sense that my priorities as a photographer have expanded to include portraits of all kinds because it’s grown out of my connection to the people I have worked with and grown close to.  And while a wedding day still keeps my creativity piqued and my finger clicking, my portrait sessions give me time to slow down and capture equally important images.  We all know that after the wedding day, life goes on.  Families grow and dynamics change.  Joy expands.  When a connection is present, beauty is everywhere you look.  I love taking portraits for people because I just really love people.  That love transfers into my eyes and my hands the minute I pick up a camera and anymore it doesn’t even matter what the occasion is…a wedding, a new baby, a family reunion, or an engagement, the images are about sharing that love with the world, one couple, one family at a time.

Sarah and Brian, (and of course Lola!), my beautiful friends, Congratulations!!!  Thank you for sharing your lives with me.  Lots of love, now and always!