Caitlin and Dan: A Wedding to Remember

Caitlin and Dan certainly had a wedding to remember - and I was lucky enough to be there every step of the way! It's always very special to see two wonderful and loving families come together in honor of a special couple, and that's exactly what this day was all about. The entire day was filled with laughter and tears, both happy and sad. I've been excited for this couple and their big day ever since I first met Caitlin and Dan, who are both incredibly genuine, caring and fun people. We had a great time taking Caitlin & Dan's engagement photos a couple of months ago on a beautiful fall day, and I JUST knew their wedding was going to be just as fantastic as they are. The ceremony took place at the Montview Presbyterian Church in Park Hill, followed by the reception at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Denver. Before the ceremony, all the ladies gathered together in the hotel suite where the beautiful bride was ready to finally put on her gorgeous wedding dress. It was an incredible and … [Read more...]

Bringing in the Wintry New Year with Mr. & Mrs. Snow

Lauren & Nick Snow certainly know how to kick off a new year! There couldn’t be a more a romantic way to ring in 2012 than with the celebration of marriage. The guests and I were completely blown away by Lauren & Nick’s fantastic and glamorous Colorado winter wonderland wedding that took place in the Denver Cable Center on New Years Eve. It was a perfect fit for Mr. and Mrs. Snow to be surrounded by gorgeous white frosted crystals, sparkly snow flakes, and beautiful twinkling lights on their wedding day. The entire evening was a wedding photographer’s dream...everything down to the details of the beautifully decorated invitations, the reflecting glass table tops, phenomenal centerpieces, white orchids, glass chairs and who could forget their phenomenal wintry wedding cake. With colors of cobalt blue, silver, and white, I truly felt like we were at Cinderella’s ball. Speaking of Cinderella, I was head over heels in love with Lauren’s elegant & dazzling wedding dress, as … [Read more...]

Wedding Photography with Lisa and Pat: Crooked Willow Farms

I’ve been looking forward to Lisa & Pat’s wedding since the day I met this amazing & energetic couple. I had such a blast with them during their engagement shoot, picking fresh berries at the Berry Patch Farms in Brighton, CO. So, I just knew that their farm-themed October wedding at Crooked Willow Farms, in Larkspur Colorado was going to be an excellent day for them, AND for some amazing wedding photography. Gorgeous wedding colors of midnight blue, green, and ivory, with the main floral focus of herbs and white garden roses showered the venue. The wedding had a vintage feel, with the food revolving around a harvest meal and locally sourced food, including jam that the bride and groom canned themselves, as well as honey from their very own bees. The touching outdoor ceremony focused on love for family, friends, and the earth. As the groom’s cousin played the guitar softly, the couple planted a cherry tree in front of all their friends and family. The tree will be permanently … [Read more...]

Beaver Creek Wedding Photography: Tory and Doug

With such a beautiful bride, an amazing dress and gorgeous venue, this wedding day was bound to be any wedding photographer's dream. The very cute and happy couple decided to get married outside of Beano's Cabin at Beaver Creek, Colorado. The perfect spot for Tory & Doug to exchange their vows- high up in the mountains in the beautiful outdoors of Colorado. The two lovebirds met at a summer camp in Vermont and have been together since 2007. In fact, the director of the same camp conducted their wedding ceremony! The touching and meaningful outdoor ceremony came to close after Doug proudly stomped and broke the glass. Shortly after the ceremony I grabbed the official newlyweds for some fun photos in the flowers and tall grass, where I could capture some intimate and scenic images. We were even lucky enough to have some special visitors, a lovely couple of curious deer apparently wanted their fifteen minutes of fame! The adorable deer came up right behind Tory and Doug's little … [Read more...]

Colorado Wedding Photography in Steamboat Springs: Jess and Jim

I am incredibly excited to finally share with you an amazing and special Colorado wedding of some of my dearest friends, Jess and Jim. I wanted to give the fabulous bride & groom, my good friends Jess & Jim, some beautiful, intimate and amazing wedding photographs.  It was the least I could do for this amazing couple who've been some of my best friends for basically my entire adult life! It all started back when Jess became best friends with my middle younger sister, Louise, at CSU.  Once my youngest sister left home and got to know Jess too, the four of us girls spent lots of time together.  Activities included creating crazy Halloween costumes, dancing many nights away at cabin parties and of course spending hours upon hours up on the slopes! Jess and Jim met years ago in Fort Collins, at Old Chicago's. Currently Jess works as an engineer, she loves her art and traveling! Jim is a financial analyst, who loves his baseball and playing guitar. Jess and Jim were, and still … [Read more...]