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Boudoir Photography in Colorado

I am a huge fan of the boudoir photography trend that has been booming over the last several years and it has quickly become something that I am personally extremely passionate about.  Let’s face it, the female form is one of the most powerful entities in the world.  Companies of all kinds have been using beautiful women to sell things to consumers for as long as consumerism has been alive.  You know the saying “sex sells.” Whether you believe that it’s right or wrong, good or bad, if it didn’t work, no one would do it.  I personally don’t believe it’s about “objectifying” women, as that is obviously something that as a strong and independent woman I would NOT be able to take part in. Instead, I believe that it’s about the power of attraction and the power that comes from confidence.  People are attracted to beauty whether it’s in the form of a breathtaking landscape, a tiny bit of nature, a shiny gadget, a piece of art, or a human being.   It’s not just men that appreciate beautiful women either.  I don’t know anyone, male or female, that can honestly say they don’t like to see a beautiful woman.

Being a boudoir photographer gives me a unique opportunity to give women of all shapes and sizes the satisfaction of seeing themselves as beautiful. It’s not about having a perfect figure or a perfect smile.  It’s about giving women a view of themselves that they might not see when they look in the mirror on a daily basis.  It is my opinion that human beings are innately beautiful creatures.  When I am photographing someone, I look for the right light, the right angle, and the right body position to accentuate their best features.  And there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction then when I give a woman the ability to see herself though my eyes (and lens).  Giving a woman the ability to see herself as truly beautiful is a powerful experience that simply does not get old for me.  And whether the images are for herself, for her husband, for her husband-to-be, or for whomever inspired the session in the first place, when a woman sees herself as beautiful, I have succeeded.  Feeling beautiful is BEING beautiful. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.[oqeygallery id=287]

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