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Boudoir Fashion at Emerson Mansion, Denver

This lucky lady happens to be friends with the owner/operator of one of Denver’s historic mansions downtown, the Emerson Mansion.  When she contacted me about a boudoir session as a wedding present for her hubby-to-be, she told me about this fabulous place that she wanted to do the session.  I was thrilled!  And when I got to the Mansion, I was pretty much overwhelmed with all of the options and amazing spaces to shoot.  Like you might expect in an old Mansion home, there are big wooden doorways and cool winding staircases, big windows, a huge front porch, and lots of bedrooms to choose from.  It’s like a boudoir photographer’s dream come true venue.   It’s exactly the kind of place that I have been imagining having a connection with to help grow the boudoir side of my business.

I had my A-team on hair and make-up, Erin Ferris and Jaeger Standler, who were amazing as usual.  And between my bride-to-be’s rocking little runner body, lots of fun outfits, and an entire mansion to work with, I straight wore that poor girl out!  But we really did have a blast and the images are stunning!  Her fiance is going to just absolutely die when he sees what she did for him.  I’m making her a “little black book ” full of all the best photos that she is going to give him the night before their wedding day.  He has no idea…

Hang tight ladies because I am just about to announce an exciting partnership with Emerson Mansion that would open the space to any of my clients that wanted it.  The details are being worked out later this week.  And I have my new client and new friend to thank for it!  Not only did she give it her all creating these fantastic boudoir images with me, but she connected me to the very person I have been wanting to meet.  Thank you so much!!  :-)[oqeygallery id=231]

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