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“I’m all Your’s Babe”: Denver Boudoir Photography

It’s been a whirlwind of a wedding season for me this year and I am literally months behind on my blog posts.  But as I’ve been watching the photo shoots pile up in my inbox, I’ve been making my plans for how to get caught up. And now that my 2012 weddings have wound down and it is officially November, it’s time to get to it!  Be on the look out for weekly posts for the rest of this year and into next featuring to-die-for engagement photography, beyond gorgeous weddings, delightful maternity shoots, cutie-pie babies, adorable families, and last but certainly not least, stunning boudoir images.  I thought it would be fun to start with something sexy, so let’s kick off the catch-up with a gorgeous girl who had only the man of her dreams in mind during this boudoir session in downtown Denver.

I love it when my  clients bring props that visual enhance the images to “speak” to them or their loved ones.  This hot little mama did just that.  Not only did I have her natural beauty and some super sexy outfits to work with, but she also brought some blue label whiskey, a deck of Bear’s playing cards, a hockey jersey, and some poker chips.  She told me she wanted the images to be significant and to include all of her honey’s favorite things.  Of course, with her in the spot-light.  So that is precisely what we did.  We had a great time taking these photos and we started in the fab little sun-dress she arrived in, just to break the ice.  I have gotten really good a reading people- it’s one of my biggest strengths & I am convinced this is why I am able to create the kinds of images I do.  I could tell she was nervous and her hands were shaking a little as she showed me the things she had with her.  We started with her fully clothed and moved though her outfits in order from most covered to least.  I’ve found that is the best way to go because it gives my clients a chance to relax into the photography, get comfortable with me, and get their confidence sparkling.  Inevitably, the best images are usually taken closer to the end of the session, generally in the most risque outfits.  And considering the genre, it’s the whole reason to do a boudoir session instead of a portrait session.  Am I right?[oqeygallery id=258]

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