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Boudoir Photography Denver: It’s been just about a year now that my home studio has been open for boudoir photo shoots in Denver.  I have to say that I am beyond happy with the decision I made to make this dream of mine a reality.  When I was originally looking for studio space as the inquiries for boudoir photography were heating up, I kept comparing every place I looked at to the space I already owned…  my home.  I have the most amazing natural light in my home, and as a boudoir photographer,  light is one of the key factors in creating beautiful images for clients that is in line with my style.  When I finally made the call to renovate my own space to make it boudoir-friendly, I didn’t look back.  It was not an easy transition as I spent about 8 months in my basement (with NO natural light) while the entirely of my home was turned inside out to take it from a typical 80’s build into a modern and beautiful space that I felt comfortable inviting clients into.  But, now that it’s done and I have had the opportunity to work with well over 50+ clients, I have to say that I made the right decision!  Besides having a warm and comfortable space in which to prep my clients with professional hair and make-up while they look out onto a magical Colorado backdrop, the natural light I have available in this space has been a dream to work with.  I haven’t had a single client yet be anything but overwhelmingly happy with the experience or the images I am able to create. And as the calls are now coming in fast and furiously for this specific kind of photo shoot, I feel confident that EVERY client is going to walk away from their photo shoot with me feeling empowered, beautiful, confident and satisfied.  Check out some of the best images I have had the honor of capturing for beautiful women all over the state and beyond.

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Author: Frances Photography

Frances Marron, founder and owner of Frances Photography, is a Denver wedding photographer covering all Colorado wedding venues as well as destination weddings. Frances Photography specializes in high end wedding photography, both boudoir and outdoor boudoir photography, and fashion photography. With formal photography training and over 15 years of experience, Frances has become one of Colorado's most trusted and sought after wedding photographer.

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