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Bridal Boudoir: Access your inner Goddess with a little help from Frances

So you are getting married!  Congratulations!!  And being that fashion-forward, on top-of-the-trend kind of diva that you are, you know that boudoir photography, and specifically, bridal boudoir, IS the hot topic right now.  Perhaps you already know you want to do a session.  Or, perhaps you are considering it, but aren’t sure… For that second group, I thought I would share a few words from a recent client to give you a sense of how a session with me looks:

“From the very moment I walked through the hotel room door, Frances made it clear that my nerves were natural, yet unwarranted, and I was immediately put at ease.  Frances exudes a sense of calm, and portrays a true desire for her clients to relax and have fun.  Immediately upon meeting Frances, I saw how truly personable she was and I knew the shoot was going to be a blast!  I got the feeling that Frances honestly cared about comfort level, and through her easy going professionalism, she assessed my style and led the way.  Using her help choosing ensembles reminded me of being in a college dorm room with a dear friend, picking out what makes you look best for an upcoming date or event and getting an honest opinion on accessories, shoes, etc., – it was that kind of vibe.  Nothing strange, judgmental or uncomfortable about it, just a couple of girls having fun!

Sure, a woman you just met is telling you to poke your butt this way or that, to give her “that look” or to slide to the left to get a better “view,” but it is all in the name of Boudoir.  Frances is a talented artist who I would recommend to anyone wanting to capture something special for their man, to celebrate their inner goddess, or empower themselves by doing something bold.  Thank you so much, Frances, for your amazing photography, and gift to this Boudoir Beauty.  Oh, and words can’t describe how thankful my husband is….”

So, to the nervous brides-to-be out there, an invitation: Bring me YOU, I will show you your Goddess.  :-)[oqeygallery id=267]


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