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Sexy Sweet: Denver Boudoir Photography

‘Tis the season ladies!  Christmas is right around the corners and it’s time to start thinking about doing something special for your special someone.  If you’ve been thinking about doing something sweet, but aren’t sure what…  I have an idea for you.  How about some sizzling Boudoir Photos for your honey?  Trust me, all I need is an hour with you and your Christmas is guaranteed to be a big success.  But, this is one gift you might not want to put under the tree to open with family members-ha!  Plan a romantic night out and do Christmas a little early.  Also a great idea if you want something special in return.  I’m not kidding.

This sexy little Colorado bunny knows what I’m talking about.  While this session was not for a Christmas gift, I got a phone call from her shortly after she gave the photos to her man and she couldn’t stop the excitement from bubbling up in her voice.  “Oh My God… he was DYING!  Thank you so so so soooooo much, this was the best gift he’s ever gotten from me!”  Now if that is the kind of reaction you are after, you know who to call.  Me!  And if not for him, how about for you?  What better way to treat yourself this holiday season before you dive into turkey dinners, Christmas cookies, and wine for days??  You’ve been working hard all year and there is no better time to celebrate.  Celebrate YOU.  The beautiful; the powerful, the sexy; the amazing goddess that you are- both inside and out.  I can already hear you resisting my advice with things like  “But I don’t have a perfect body!” My response? So what?!  Who does?  That’s what a little photoshop magic is for!  😉 Don’t belive what you see in magazines…  it’s not real.  Trust me on this one.  Photoshop is used on the models too.  “But it’s too expensive!”  Well, find a friend and split a session. For every excuse you can come up with, I have a counter offer.  If Boudoir is something you’ve been thinking about, the time is NOW.  The power is you darling.  Let me show you how amazing you are.  I will.  I promise.[oqeygallery id=260]


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