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Colorado at it’s Finest: Outdoor Boudoir Photography

I have to say it- I freaking LOVE my job.  In fact, there are times when it hardly feels like work at all. In the case of this Colorado outdoor boudoir photo shoot with one of our very own native goddesses, that was most definitely the case.  It’s funny because I actually had no idea what I was getting myself into when I headed out for this session.  I knew my client was gorgeous and that we were going to do the shoot at her house, but that was pretty much all the information I had.  Oh and her address.  😉  When I arrived and asked to see her “outfits” she answered with a grin and a “how does my birthday suite sound?” Well alrighty then!  She proceeded to tell me that she had already done a traditional boudoir session with some friends and that she had a totally different idea this time around.  Her plan was to hike down into the woods behind her house and do some classy nude-oir boudoir.  I was more than game. As soon as we got started I was in photographer’s heaven.  Talk about being in my element!  I had a client that might as well be a model (in that she needed basically no direction from me) and I had a whole wild wilderness to frame her with.  I, myself, am a mountain girl at heart and between the delicious scenery, the perfect light, and a perfect body with natural posing ability, I felt like I should have been paying her for helping me to build my boudoir portfolio!  I think I may have just found a new niche.  What better place on earth than Colorado to start blowing up an outdoor boudoir business?  Ummmm….???  Exactly.  Need I say more?  These images can speak for themselves.[oqeygallery id=311]

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