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Denver Boudoir Photography: Salome beckons him home…

Ladies bring your husbands and boyfriends running home with a little artistic boudoir photography from Frances 🙂 A few simple artistic poses can do wonders for a relationship. We certainly do more daring poses during our boudoir photo shoots, but we can’t reveal everything here….

Whether you are searching for Denver boudoir photography, Orange County, or anywhere in the world for that matter, you have come to the right place.  I love creating intimate boudoir images that bring happiness and romance to couples.  Not sure you can do a boudoir shoot?  No worries, as I have tons of boudoir photography ideas whether you want to show your inner diva, plus size style, rock-out burlesque pin-up, or might even want to include your honey for some couples boudoir photography.

I think I’m really involved in some sort of circle of life with my photography: boudoir leading to wedding, followed by maternity, and soon newborn baby photography 🙂

If you are interested, boudoir comes from the French verb bouder which translates into “to sulk” or “to pout” and historically referred to the private areas of a lady’s room for bathing and dressing.  In later years, the boudoir room evolved into the “woman cave” or more elegantly a female study that might include such activities as embroidery, but certainly private time with a romantic partner.  Although, interestingly in the Caribbean a boudoir room was in the front of the house used to entertain family and friends.

Boudoir photography has really evolved over the years – gone are the days (for the most part) of photos just meant to be pin-ups in the boy’s lounge.  Boudoir portraits now can encompass any style from burlesque to artistic pin-ups and can involve anything from your wedding dress, lingerie, or anything we can dream up.  I have done boudoir shoots in hotel rooms, exotic destinations, and even in your own home – we can make your husband never view his home the same way again 🙂

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