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Outdoor Boudoir Photography just got SEXIER!

I am beyond excited to announce the NEXT BIG THING in outdoor boudoir photography, coming to you exclusively by Frances Photography, THE EDEN COLLECTION!
A friend of mine recently invited me to visit a piece of property that he is managing outside just outside of Idaho Springs called Van Eden Ranch.  Besides being not to far from Denver (about 45 min away), this 300 acre stretch of land is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen in Colorado.  From the mossy forest, to the ponds, to the waterfalls, to the aspen groves, to the meadow, rock pile, and cliffs, this place is quite literally a photographer’s dream come true. It’s completely private property, and consists of totally untouched Colorado mountain brilliance at it’s finest.
One of the collection options I will be offering for next year will be “Eden in Amber” and it will only be available for two weeks during the peak of the fall.  I will be doing the same thing in the summer time when the wildflowers are going crazy: “Eden in Bloom”.  There will also be “Everyday in Eden,” “Adam & Eve” (bring your man!), “The Naked Nymph,”and more fun things TBD.  Stay tuned for more details on all the different Eden Collection options coming soon.

For now, feast your eyes on this ridiculously gorgeous slideshow… Depending on your internet connection, you can choose from three resolution options in the bottom bar.  360p for slower connections, 480p for general viewing, or 720pHD for high speed with full screen optional viewing.  Make sure you have the volume turned on and UP!  It may take a few seconds to load, so be a little patient, it’s worth it! (Hint, it will auto-start, but if you click the pause button and let it load about halfway before playing, it should play without stopping.)

And…you’re welcome.  🙂

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