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International Beauty: Denver Boudoir Photographer

Dear Frances,

Do you want to know what’s really beautiful? Confidence.

Do you want to know what’s really powerful? Persistence.

Do you want to know what’s really sexy? (Please, I know about sexy.) Not needing to be needed.

And if still “they” don’t notice your good looks, your strength, and your sashay… could you feel more sorry for them?

The Universe

This note from the Universe struck me today as I was thinking about this gorgeous client I recently had the opportunity to work with during one of my boudoir photo shoots in Denver.  Her confidence was ABSOLUTELY beautiful!  The message? There is more to being sexy than just looking good, which certainly she did.  But more than having a rocking body, it was the sparkle in her eye, the fearlessness with which she looked into the lens, and the calmness of her demeanor that made these images shine. To women everywhere in the world….  if you feel beautiful, you ARE beautiful.  If you say you are sexy, you ARE sexy.  And if you feel confident, you will LOOK confident.  Get it? Got it?  Good.[oqeygallery id=361]

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