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Outdoor Boudoir Nudoir in Colorado

This client had the idea to do a “nudoir” boudoir session outdoors after seeing another boudoir post that I did for one of my brides this past summer.  She loved the idea of doing something outside in the mountains and was game to go wherever would work.  I had her meet me in Eldora at my families cabin and since it was a little bit (ok a LOT) freezing that day, we had a chance to warm her up inside between locations around the cabin.  She was an amazing sport about the outdoor temperature too.  And since I was wearing a coat and gloves, I know that she was more than a “little” cold.  Goosebumps?  That’s what photoshop is for!  HA!  I guess Colorado girls tend to be kind of tough cookies that way.  I tend to think the outdoor boudoir session is something that I am going to be seeing a lot more of in the coming years.  Now that boudoir photography has become a major player in the portrait category, I think women will be looking for something different than your “typical” boudoir session as it’s popularity grows.  And, since there are so many men and women in this state that are lovers of the outdoors, what sexier combo is there than the “naked in the woods” scenario?!?  In fact, if I ever do a boudoir session again in my life (yes, I have done one too) it will DEFINITELY be an outdoor session, and most likely, at this same cabin in Eldora.  I just love this location because there are tons of options to photograph and it’s totally secluded and private.  And besides that, the cabin on the property gives me a place to change, warm up, take a shot, gather courage, or whatever else is needed.

We ended up making a book of these images for her boyfriend and from what she told me, it was a major hit!  Good luck sweetie and I hope to see you again when you get married![oqeygallery id=356]

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