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Outdoor Boudoir Photography in Colorado

I love outdoor boudoir photography and I love it even more when my clients come to me with ideas to personalize their images.  This particular client’s special man loves fly fishing and she wanted to do something sexy for him in fly fishing waders, and was even willing to get into a freezing cold stream to accomplish her vision.  We choose a little inlet near my family’s cabin in Eldora, CO and the images in the fishing sequence are definitely my favorites.   Since we decided to do this session at a time when the river behind the cabin was literally “raging” I was too nervous to put her in it or in any kind of a dangerous situation.  We went the safe route and found a little spot off of the main stream where the water was calm and there was no chance she could slip and be swept downstream.  I used my long lens for a short depth of field and cropped the images such that you can’t tell where she is or that the stream she is in isn’t actually a “real” stream.  But, just because we weren’t in the real stream, that doesn’t mean the water wasn’t just as cold!  We had to work fast!  She was a great sport about it and the images are exactly what she was hoping for.

If you are thinking about doing a boudoir session for your special someone this year I highly recommend brainstorming ideas that incorporate some of the other things he or she loves.  Not only will the images be more personal, but they will also be totally unique!  If you are interested in an outdoor session, I have several locations that I know of that are private and beautiful![oqeygallery id=350]

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