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RISE beautiful! I invite you to see yourself through the lens of your own infinite spirit…

You are perfect and whole right now and in every moment. You are unique. Never before and never again will YOU grace the Universe with the magic of your individual perspective. You are a miracle. You belong here. You have things to do here. You are important.

Your ego will have you believe you are imperfect; that you are less than ideal; that you are less than whole. Your ego will stop you and block you. It will create fear, danger, obstacles, barriers. You are not your ego. Your ego is along for the ride and you have the power to put her in the passenger seat. Or, better yet, the backseat. Your ego only gets to drive if you let her. Don’t let her.

We are each souls with purpose. We are all connected. We are connected to each other and to everything that is. We have things to do in this lifetime that no one but us can do. We are not here by accident. We chose to be here and we are choosing our experience with every breath.

You are not a culmination of your past. You are not your mistakes. Nor are you your successes or failures. You are not your job, or your title. You are not your family. You are not your strengths or your weaknesses. You are not your body.

When all of those things are gone, YOU will still exist. You, dear one, are infinite. You are pure potential and pure possibility. You are pure love manifested in form.

You are a being of light and you are perfect and whole, right now, just as you are.

So, RISE dear one. RISE up and see yourself as the miracle you really are. Celebrate yourself! Wherever you are on your journey thought this lifetime, you are here. You are reading this now. This is for you. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

RISE! Let’s shine a light on all the beauty you possess, together.

At RISE boudoir, I am here to empower you, to lift you up, and to show you how wonderfully special you are.

As a woman that has personally risen from the darkness of a decade-plus long eating disorder, I understand body dysmorphia at it’s core. I understand intimately the feelings, the despair, the hopelessness, the self-loathing, and the unworthiness that come along with hating the body that you inhabit.

And, I have also risen above it. I have learned to love my body, and in that, how to love myself. It is out of this space that I now have access to a lens in which to help you do the same. So whether you currently love all of yourself, some of yourself, or none of yourself, I am here to tell you that I can see you. I can show you that you are perfect and whole. You don’t need to starve your self or lose that last 10 pounds. You don’t need to get rid of your tan lines. You don’t need a facial, waxing, tanning, etc. You don’t need to be in any way, shape or form, different than you are right now.

RISE Boudoir - a Frances Photography Brand

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