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Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is an intimate and empowering art form that allows me to capture the unique beauty and sensuality of each of my clients. As a photographer, I have a deep love for boudoir photography because it allows me to help my clients see themselves in a new light. Whether it's the way the light falls across their skin, the way their eyes sparkle, or the curve of their body, I am constantly inspired by the beauty that I see through my lens.

There's something truly magical about the process of boudoir photography. It's a collaborative effort between myself and my clients, as we work together to create images that celebrate their individuality and unique beauty. I love being able to create a safe and welcoming space where my clients can let go of their inhibitions and feel confident and beautiful. And when we finally capture that perfect shot, it's as though we've created something truly special together.

Ultimately, my love for boudoir photography comes down to the way that it allows me to empower and uplift others. Through my images, I am able to help my clients see themselves in a new light and celebrate their unique beauty and sensuality. It's an honor to be able to capture these intimate and powerful moments, and I am constantly inspired by the trust and vulnerability that my clients place in me.

Boudoir Inspiration

My background as a competitive dancer and gymnast and my familiarity with the female human body are where I draw most of my inspiration from. I love working with the female form to create beautiful lines and shapes in my images. The human body is an incredibly unique, natural and artistic form in and of itself. A woman’s body type, hair, color, curves and skin are all factors contributing to the style and results of each inspiring session. But it’s not only the physical aspects that make every photo-session different. Rather, it is a woman’s personality and style that are the most powerful influences for me. Her body language and the individuality are also huge factors that affect my ideas and creative vision. At the end of the day, my subject’s personality is what will set the tone and shape the style of our boudoir session and the images we create together.

I consider myself an environmental portrait artist and prefer to go “on location” for anything that I photography. With my boudoir work, I focus on capturing images that will push barriers and embrace the changing and evolving definition of boudoir photography.

Denver Boudoir Photography

My name is Frances Kelley and I’m a Denver Colorado based boudoir photographer. As you’ll see in my About section, my “why” in photography is “Chasing Beauty with a Wild & Open Heart.”

Boudoir photography is a sexy and fun art form that celebrates the beauty and sensuality of the human body. As a photographer, I have a deep passion for this form of photography because it allows me to create images that are both empowering and playful. There's something truly magical about the way that boudoir photography can capture the essence of a person's sensuality and confidence, while also being a fun and lighthearted experience.

Each boudoir session is a unique and exciting experience, as we work together to create images that showcase my clients' individuality and beauty. From playful poses to sultry expressions, every moment is an opportunity to capture something special and unique. And as we work together to create these images, we also get to experience the thrill of stepping out of our comfort zones and into a world of fun and creativity.

At the end of the day, my love for boudoir photography comes down to the way that it celebrates the beauty and sensuality of the human body. It's an art form that empowers my clients to feel confident and sexy, while also being a fun and playful experience. Whether we're capturing a sultry gaze or a playful smile, every moment is an opportunity to celebrate the unique and sexy nature of boudoir photography.

Boudoir photography, my craft, is about so much more than just capturing a sexy image. It's about empowering my clients to feel confident and beautiful, and celebrating the unique and sensual aspects of their personalities. And when we finally capture that perfect shot, it's as though we've created something truly special that celebrates the sexy, fun nature of photography.

Colorado Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Outdoor boudoir photography is an adventure that takes my clients and me on a journey through some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in Colorado. I have a deep love for boudoir photography because it allows me to capture the beauty of nature and the sensuality of my clients in a way that is truly unique. There's something truly magical about the combination of the rugged beauty of the Colorado wilderness and the intimate nature of boudoir photography.

Each outdoor boudoir session is an adventure, as we explore the stunning mountains, forests, and rivers that make Colorado such a beautiful and unique place. From rocky peaks to crystal clear streams, every location offers a new and exciting backdrop for our photoshoot. And as we work together to create images that capture my clients' unique beauty and sensuality, we also get to experience the thrill of adventure and exploration.

Ultimately, my love for outdoor boudoir photography in Colorado comes down to the way that it allows me to connect with nature and my clients on a deeper level. It's an adventure that takes us out of our comfort zones and into a world of beauty and excitement. And when we finally capture that perfect shot, it's as though we've created something truly special that captures the essence of the Colorado wilderness and the sensuality of my clients.

What made you decide to dabble in Boudoir Photography?

I dedicated a lot of time and energy to the art of dance before I became a photographer. I think that my comfort level in working with the female figure and my strengths in posing have naturally lent themselves to this beautiful art form. Working with natural light and the human form is a very creative process for me that has me pushing the envelope of my own artistic boundaries and I love it!

When it comes to shooting boudoir, I am looking for anything but ordinary! My artistic appetite is invariably eager to push new boundaries – it is an aspiration that has successfully gotten me to where I am today as a photographer, and I am confident in the continuing trend as long as I follow my instincts.

Nude photography is probably one of the most misunderstood, yet popular and historical genres of photography. I think it’s important to celebrate the art, beauty, and simplicity of the human body, especially considering the high number of distorted bod-image disorders that exist. All bodies are inherently beautiful.

When my clients see themselves as I see them, their view of themselves is forever changed. It makes me feel wonderful to show women how amazing and beautiful they are. Plain and simple, boudoir photography is an edgy and free form of artistic photography that I’m excited to celebrate.


Photographing people in their most tender, sensitive, and important moments in life is my passion. Oddly, photography is about capturing the fleeting moments of the day, but it’s not for today. Photographs are for the rest of our lives and our posterity.

Regardless of the type of my photographs, be it boudoir or other forms of photography, the artistry of my imagery comes to fruition in my being able to not only see, but to capture, what people feel. Photography has the power to both stop and outlast time.

They say a camera never lies. Perhaps. But I believe photography allows for multiple interpretations of the exact same moment. The composition, lighting, angles and the like – can all be interpreted. But that’s part of the beauty, and power, of photography. I don’t use the word accurate, but instead real when referring to my photography.

Both a photographer and their photographs are intentional. When I’m holding the frame, I’m creating the story. No matter what I’m photographing, my goal is to document what is both beautiful and unique about every event, every person, every couple and every family that makes their way in front of my lens. This quest for sharing this beautiful thing we call life with the world, one couple or wedding at a time is what keeps me creatively thriving, continually growing and I’m deeply honored to do what I love .

I discuss photography throughout this website but there is another “p” word that is critically important. People. Outside of my fine art work, I photograph people. When I look at my close circle of life-long friends, they were all once clients who allowed me to take their picture. I’m extremely proud of my work. But I love and cherish the relationships with my people. If I lost my eyesight tomorrow, I think I would get along just fine knowing they were there with me.

About Frances Photography

In 2005, Frances Kelley launched her wedding photography business with a mission to capture the beauty of great love stories. But wedding photography was only the beginning for Frances. Over the years, countless brides have returned time and again for everything from baby photos to family portraits to sexy boudoir sessions. Her visual repertoire continues to grow and evolve while her eye for true beauty and retouching skills are a dreamy, in-demand duo for magazine editors and style-inspired entrepreneurs.

A decade and more than 1,000 shoots later, Frances has an ever-evolving, versatile portfolio in four core areas: wedding photography, boudoir, fashion photography, and fine art. This artist at heart has garnered national acclaim, international assignments and a reputation for marrying perfection with personality. Her approach is so personable; Frances feels like one of the family.

And though her photography portfolio is extensive, there’s a clear and common theme to her artistry: BEAUTY. No matter what the occasion or location, Frances has an eye for time-stopping details. She knows exactly how to capture the ocular essence of every human being in her view.

Working with Frances goes beyond exceptional customer service and a high-end experience. She builds genuine relationships. Her passion for people is unparalleled and her drive for the best shot keeps clients oh, so on their toes. Hanging from the rafters? Check. Stopping traffic? You know it. She’ll do what it takes to document your most momentous moments.

With loyal clients coming back for a lifetime, her finger on the pulse of all things creative and an unstoppable desire to keep learning and growing, it’s no wonder Frances is one of the most trusted and sought after of all Colorado and Denver photographers.

Frances is the most sought-after boudoir photographer in Colorado. She has years of boudoir photography experience throughout Colorado and around the country.

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