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Entire books, entire classes, entire careers have been dedicated to defining, discussing, and debating the importance of fashion photography. Without question, photography plays a major role in global fashion culture. Our memory of fashion is really through fashion photography. But some, such as author Nancy Hall-Duncan point out that fashion photography “has sometimes been called ephemeral, commercial, and frivolous, and its importance called into question. That fashion photography has a commercial intent implies that it lacks photographic and artistic integrity." Margaret Maynard argued in her essay “The Fashion Photography: an ecology” that a fashion image is less a result of individual minds that a product of a variety of variables surrounding its production, publishing, and consumerism.

But fashion photography has also produced some of the most creative and social revealing documents of the time. Does the fashion create the photograph or vice versa? A potential rabbit hole conversation. Personally, I love the occasional fashion photography assignment because it helps me stretch my boundaries. It also helps me stay relevant and aware of current fashion trends which I can use to enhance both my wedding photography and my boudoir. I believe I’m very strong at understanding the topic I’m shooting – something I feel is critically important in the diverse genre of fashion photography.


Photographing people in their most tender, sensitive, and important moments in life is my passion. Oddly, photography is about capturing the fleeting moments of the day, but it’s not for today. Photographs are for the rest of our lives and our posterity. Photography can connect us through generations andI fully realize and accept the fact that I’m responsible for how people remember their family histories. I take this to heart every time I pick up my camera. It is a unique sensitivity that fuels my desire to capture those fleeting moments in time that we all want to remember forever. Regardless if it’s wedding photography, engagement photography, or boudoir, the artistry of my imagery comes to fruition in my being able to not only see, but to capture, what people feel. Photography has the power to both stop and outlast time.

They say a camera never lies. Perhaps. But I believe photography allows for multiple interpretations of the exact same moment. The composition, lighting, angles and the like – can all be interpreted. But that’s part of the beauty, and power, of photography. I don’t use the word accurate, but instead real when referring to my photography.

Both a photographer and their photographs are intentional. When I’m holding the frame, I’m creating the story. No matter what I’m photographing, my goal is to document what is both beautiful and unique about every event, every person, every couple and every family that makes their way in front of my lens. This quest for sharing this beautiful thing we call life with the world, one couple or wedding at a time is what keeps me creatively thriving, continually growing and I’m deeply honored to do what I love.

I discuss photography throughout this website but there is another “p” word that is critically important. People. Outside of my fine art work, I photograph people. When I look at my close circle of life-long friends, they were all once clients who allowed me to take their picture. I’m extremely proud of my work. But I love and cherish the relationships with my people. If I lost my eyesight tomorrow, I think I would get along just fine knowing they were there with me.

Photography. People. My craft. Intention. Interpretation. Art. Beauty.

About Frances Photography

In 2005, Frances Marron launched her wedding photography business with a mission to capture the beauty of great love stories. But wedding photography was only the beginning for Frances. Over the years, countless brides have returned time and again for everything from baby photos to family portraits to sexy boudoir sessions. Her visual repertoire continues to grow and evolve while her eye for true beauty and retouching skills are a dreamy, in-demand duo for magazine editors and style-inspired entrepreneurs.

A decade and more than 1,000 shoots later, Frances has an ever-evolving, versatile portfolio in four core areas: wedding photography, boudoir, fashion photography, and fine art. This artist at heart has garnered national acclaim, international assignments and a reputation for marrying perfection with personality. Her approach is so personable; Frances feels like one of the family.

And though her photography portfolio is extensive, there’s a clear and common theme to her artistry: BEAUTY. No matter what the occasion or location, Frances has an eye for time-stopping details. She knows exactly how to capture the ocular essence of every human being in her view.

Working with Frances goes beyond exceptional customer service and a high-end experience. She builds genuine relationships. Her passion for people is unparalleled and her drive for the best shot keeps clients oh, so on their toes. Hanging from the rafters? Check. Stopping traffic? You know it. She’ll do what it takes to document your most momentous moments.

With loyal clients coming back for a lifetime, her finger on the pulse of all things creative and an unstoppable desire to keep learning and growing, it’s no wonder Frances is one of the most trusted and sought after of all Colorado and Denver photographers.

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