Outdoor boudoir photography gorgeous red head
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Outdoor boudoir photography gorgeous red head

Oh, Madonna on fur. Basking in the sun like a pampered Persian cat, she poses with assured grace. She is an image of languorous seduction lounging in her outdoor boudoir atop an eagle’s nest. Sunlight caresses her porcelain skin, warming it like a lover’s hands. Your body undulates like mounds of vanilla ice cream, so luscious, so delectable. On her perch atop the mountains, she claims the sweeping forested vista as far as the eye can see. She is the queen of her domain, a photograph of confidence, an Earth mother Mona Lisa gazing at us with her secretive smile. What is she thinking? What lays behind her dreamy expression? We long to breathe in the crisp Colorado air, we long to drink in the serenity of nature, lose ourselves in the serenade of birdsong. Is this you gift to us, Madonna on fur? Will you teach us to commune with nature? Reveal our true selves to the sun and sky? Let us be your students. We will willingly sit with you by the firelight and absorb your wisdom. We will listen to the music of your voice beneath the stars. You are a shooting star streaking across the horizon.

Creative outdoor boudoir photo shoot musings by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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