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FACT - A wedding is one of life’s few and true markers.

Many couples spend their budgets on the experience of the wedding. I understand. Music was incredibly important at my own wedding. We hired an a capella group for a flash mob, arranged for various individuals to sing throughout the day, and selected the best DJ in Denver for the real throw down.

But I was not able to see the single tear in my father's eye and the smile of pride on his face as he walked me down the aisle. Luckily, my wedding photographer did.

I ask you to take a step back and consider the importance of documenting this experience, the numerous side stories that will take place, many of which you'll never personally witness, and the art and beauty of this day.

Admittedly biased, I believe the level of photography MUST meet the importance of this moment.

For each and every wedding, for each and every client, I strive for greatness. I've spent a career honing my art and becoming better at being able to see a deeper level of composition, of emotion, of story. And while I've been a professional wedding photographer for nearly 20 years, I know I will be even better tomorrow than today.

I go all in because I truly and deeply believe in the importance of what I do. Thank God my own wedding photographer felt the same.

The Joy of Wedding Photos

I get to take photographs for a living. I love that. And while there are numerous different fields of photography I could have focused on, I intentionally choose to work with people.

As a wedding photographer, I get to connect with people from many different walks of life … from city slickers to mountain goats and everyone in between.

People + wedding day often = chaos.

It's true and it's just the way the cookie crumbles. But there's a certain amount of joy I take in thriving within the chaos of the wedding day. The flower girl will be balling, relatives will be fighting, your dress won't fit as well as you think it should, and the love of your life just snuck out for a sip of whiskey. Within this hot mess, I'll be there by your side to help. I've made a habit capturing amazing photos despite the circumstances.

A sucker for the first look.

I don't care if you decide to celebrate this moment alone as a couple or in front of your friends and family, after all of these years, I'm still love pointing my camera at a bride and groom when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. I just do.

You'll be more than a client.

When I look at my close circle of life-long friends, they were all once clients who allowed me to take their picture. I’m extremely proud of my work. But I love and cherish the relationships with my people. If I lost my eyesight tomorrow, I think I would get along just fine knowing they were there with me.

Other artists can take their time, sometimes years, to ponder their next brush stroke. But for a wedding photographer, the best shots only appear for a second and if not captured, are gone forever. I've made a habit out of not only getting those shots, but telling stories and capturing art in those moments.

There is a difference between a competent shot and a powerful image. At this level, that difference has little to do with technology. The difference is the vision and the interpretation of the photographer and her most important tools: the brain, eye, and heart.

I’ve been shooting Colorado weddings for nearly 20 years and seem to be able to find that “thing” again and again and again. I believe that’s what makes a great photographer.

What's my special sauce?

My years of experience is certainly an ingredient. But on a deeper level, I honestly believe it's my lack of fear. I have another gear which takes me the extra mile to get the epic shot that tells a real story of the who my couples are.

I've climbed buildings, jumped in front of traffic, raced down a mountain on a snow board, and have been pulled behind a speed boat in a dry suit ... all for the shot.

Part of that is just how I am wired and the other part is that I love an added challenge that allows me to capture something show stopping and truly different.

At the end of the day, I love having fun with my clients and doing things with my photography that are unexpected.

In my mind, there’s no time in this life to be bored. I want our work together to be as fun as it is creative, breathless as it is bold, timeless as it is boundless. It is always an honor to help my clients memorialize the start of their epic adventure together through this thing we call life…..


There are some amazing wedding photographers in Colorado. There truly are. Regardless if you chose to work with me or somebody else, I beg you to dig deep on learning about their experience shooting weddings in Colorado.

Extreme and rapid changes in weather are a Colorado hallmark! Believe me. Blizzards in late May. Swift approaching lighting storms during an outdoor ceremony. Hail. It takes a substantial amount of experience to gracefully operate under these conditions.

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